Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Topps Ringside Card Of The Month: #46 Ruby Goldstein

No card last month, because I just couldn't find the right card at the right price. This one was about $4 shipped on eBay last week (most likely because the picture of it was pretty distant and blurry). As you can see, definite creasing on the bottom third of the card, but the rest is really pretty great, and it's actually still got some gloss to it. As for Ruby Goldstein's story? Let's go to the card back!

Ha, a tie-in to my last card, Jersey Joe! Goldstein (who had an amazing nickname, "The Jewel Of The Ghetto"!) had quite a long, noteworthy, and at times controversial career as a ref after this card was printed. There's a bunch more about it over at Wikipedia, and it's a great read.

Three cards down, a ton to go. In some interesting Ringside news, a complete set sold on eBay for $800 this week. Not sure how the condition was on all the cards, but man, that would've been an awesome way to pick off this set.

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