Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bombing you all out, part 2...

This is some more stuff that showed up in the mail this week...

I knew them Post cards wuz gonna be trouble.

Spaceman rookie!

Recent, numbered Eric Davis card for a buck shipped? I am undone. I've been getting a ton of Eric's cards lately. Definitely one of the benefits of finding a literal ton of '80s-'90s stuff. (Did I mention that I still have my black Eric Davis Louisville Slugger glove from when I was a kid? Turns my hand black when I wear it, but it's still awesome.)

Back to the retail world! I love my local, for putting cards like this one in their standard inserts box.

...and this one.

...and this one. Kershaw looks weeeeeeeeird here.

...and this one, which is available for trade! (I can probably be talked out of the Kershaw, too, but I do like the card a bunch even if I'm not a big fan of the player.)

I also have a bunch of Series 1 wrappers that I'd be willing to trade to someone, as I'm not cracking any more Series 1 and I'd like to see them used to get more cards like this if at all possible. Maybe a deal with a right-of-first-refusal clause on a few of the base wrapper redemption cards (there's probably about 10 others that interest me and 3-5 that really interest me), where I'd get first crack at a trade or somesuch. Get in touch if you're game.

In closing this morning, here's a card I got as a door prize at Dr. Wax's last card show, which I've spent a month forgetting to scan.

This card is numbered something like 172,000 out of 5 billion or somesuch. But IT'S GOLD, Y0.

Ahh, the '90s. Land of overmanufactured collectibles.


  1. Kershaw!

    I'd like to talk you out of it.

    Heck. I'm even interested in the Braun. But more so Kershaw.


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