Sunday, July 3, 2011

I feel like bombing you all out with a bunch of cards, with no rhyme and reason to 'em...

...because I'm way, way behind on things. So much stuff I wanna talk about, but not nearly enough hours in a day. So, I'm just gonna let it all fly, and let the chips fall where they may.

Let's go large with this first one, shall we? Yes, it's a '48 Bowman Pete Reiser. It went, in the auction I got it in, for about a third of what it usually does. I think it's an absolutely stunning card. There's a crease across the dead center of the card that you really have to look hard at the card to see, but it really doesn't hurt the appearance of it at all. Also, even if it did, it's a 1948 Bowman Pete Reiser. A playing-era card of Pistol Pete in a Bums uniform! This blows my mind. For those of you who aren't familiar and don't wanna click the Wikipedia link, here's some more about him...

Instantly one of the coolest cards I own. I get chills looking at it.

This one doesn't suck, either.

In a quick 180, from old baseball to new hockey, here's the new SP Authentic John Tavares. Gotta say, much as I'm not a huge Upper Deck fan, this design would've looked gorgeous for baseball.

Now, some recent flea market stuff. Nice Vlad, eh?

Nomo good! Foil bad!

Remember that Baylor/Baker rookie I mentioned recently? Yep, here it is. Fiddy cen' for this high-numbered, heavily creased beauty.

Josh Hamilton...IN HD! I wonder if he was high when they took this picture.

(offered without comment)


This week on Awkward Family Photos...Senator Bill Bradley! This one's from TCMA's basketball set, which they did when they dabbled in other sports in '81.

The first of 2 '78-'79 Topps basketball cards I've got for trade. I have a Bucks fan or two in the audience, don't I?

Ditto Lakers fans?

Last of the flea market stuff for today. Ali, by LeRoy Nieman! First Ali card I've managed to track down.


  1. "Sweet Reiser!" sounds like something one would exclaim when a naked lady jumps out of a cake.


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