Sunday, July 17, 2011

My weekend, in cards...

Friday: I found a $5 bill on the ground in the parking lot, as I was leaving the place where I had dinner. Then, I went to Target and did some of this:

w00, '11 Score f00'ball! This year, I won't finish the set AND there won't be a season! Got my man Suh, though, and I also got my man Knowshon.


I also did some of this:

BWAHAHAHAHAHA "The King Of Cornhole" OK I'll turn 6 now.

Hey, it's a Ginter Code card! I wonder how much I just cost eBay sellers by posting this.

This dude could've done double duty in the beard set.

Thanks to Bill & Ted, I seriously can't see a reference to this guy without thinking "Sigmund Frood".

Regardless of where you stand on the "Ascent Of Man" series (and no, we're not going to discuss where you stand here, thank you), you have to admit that these cards have some of the most gorgeous art ever seen on a Ginter card.

It's been said elsewhere, so hopefully I'm not too late, but: creationists in the audience who don't want the cards, save these for me!


Went out to the flea market. Really slow day there, not a lot of vendors, not a lot of customers, totally inexplicable as it was a gorgeous weather day that'd been forecasted in advance as such, and there was nothing else going on in the area that would've kept people away. Regardless, I managed to find some fun stuff there.

I love it when Kellogg's cards turn up. Padre Winfield has been making himself available more in the past 2 months than he had in the previous 31 years of my life, too.

Roadrunner! *meemeep*

'78 SSPC Yankees! These have been written about at length here and here, among other places. Got a bunch of these in various conditions, including a near-complete set (need a Paul Blair, #20), and will have some available for trade shortly. In the meantime, a couple more highlights:


Reggie! (I put Catfish between him and Thurman, just in case.)

James Rodney Richard! I only found 2 '81 Donruss cards this weekend (the other was an Andre Dawson), but I needed 'em both!

Check out Dusty. You know he's thinking "Someday, I'm gonna turn all those chump pitchers' arms into dust!" That's gotta be where the nickname comes from. Anyway, I got almost the full '76 Traded set (I had a few, and I'm missing 6 cards now if there's a checklist) in mostly well-loved condition. Sadly, no doubles of the Oscar Gamble or Dock Ellis cards were found. If anyone wants some doubles of the commons from this set in lousy condition, I can probably grab them next weekend.

Hey, a Drake's card of the angriest guy who ever lived, for a few minutes anyway! This one's from the '82 set. I'm strongly considering making runs at the Drake's, Purina and Quaker Oats cards from the '80s. Loved those cards. They were Topps cards, but not. Good stuff.

Some more f00'ball! Found a bunch of these Fleer Goudey joints, but I just grabbed Marcus here. (I think I'm a closet Marcus Allen collector.) Hopefully, there'll be some left where I found 'em next week.

Get out of Bo's way, Chiefs defender guy! '91 UD here, which you've seen recently if you saw the inserts in this year's UD f00'ball.

"Wait...what do you mean my Sea Monkeys died? Jeez, I ask you kids to do one thing while daddy's playing, and you screw it up!"

Do The Ickey Shuffle, y'all!

Then there was this. No, not an original. I'm still breathing, kinda. This is one of 226 '93 Topps Archives '53s I found, in sheets, for $5. This is an especially nice find for me, as I had Gerry Dvorak (who painted a bunch of these) as a cartooning teacher for a minute in about '85 or so (I feel like I've mentioned that on here a dozen times already). The first 9 pages were missing (So no Mantle, Jackie, Pee Wee, etc.), and 5 other cards were as well, but the heck with it! Satchel, Willie and a lot of other dudes (including most of the "we don't have Gerry's artwork for these, so we'll use pictures of Teddy Ballgame, Hank, etc.) were! Very cool.

So, that was the flea market, and my last $10. Or, was it? Read on! THE POWER OF LIEFIELD COMPELS YOU!

(This was in with some lot of cards I got at the market for a buck on Saturday. If you ever need to explain Rob Liefield to someone who's never heard of him, feel free to use this scan.)

Driving home from lunch later in the day, I saw the garage sale signs I was going to pass on because of money. After all, the only cash I had left was that $5 from the restaurant parking lot. Got a feeling, though, and after dropping off the missus at the house (she didn't feel like garage saling), I headed toward the first of the sales on the signs. I actually ended up at the second one I knew about first, and none of the rest.

When I parked and got out, I could see an opened '90 Topps factory set box from the street, so I knew there'd be something there. I walked up the driveway, and sure enough, boxes of cards. I took a look to see what was there. There were some '83 Fleers (no Big 3 rookies), some '87 Fleers rubber-banded by team (no Pirates), some late '80s Topps, and a box in the front that had some '80s Topps football cards, at first glance. A bunch of '85s, which I wish I would've been able to snag, since I'd like to build that one to complete my '84-'86 run, then a few '84s and some '86s. Looked through the '84s for Elway/Marino, but no dice outside of a beaten up Marino glossy and a Marino Instant Replay. Onto the '86s. About two/thirds of the way through...

Yep. It's a double, too (and available for trade or sale). As I was still looking, I did the best job possible keeping a poker face. Once I got past some '86s, I noticed a really familiar looking border color that you don't run into at garage sales very often, and kept going, ramping up my poker face a bit. The first card in that part of the box didn't have the border, though.

Nice! Dr. J sticker! As some of you probably know (and my mentioning the borders probably gave me away, too), this sticker insert's from the '86 Fleer basketball set, which I owned many moons ago, but had to sell for cash over something dumb. I pulled out the Dr. J and started looking through the small pile (probably 3 packs) of '86s.

OK, pretty good.

Nice! One of my big basketball wants!

One of the more hated guys in New York sports nowadays, but he was a solid player and part of those great Pistons teams in the late '80s which kinda get forgotten because Michael became MICHAEL.

You know. This guy.

Let's pause for a moment and catch our collective breath before proceeding, shall we? Better? OK.

Here's another guy from those Pistons teams that I loved. What a thug. His job on a court was to beat the holy hell out of the other players. You're not reading this because you're still looking at the Jordan rookie.

Nope, you're still not reading this, or if you are, you're yelling "Where's the Karl Malone rookie? Man, you paid $5 for that lot and you didn't get a Malone rookie? You got ripped off!"

In total, there were 36 '86 Fleers, that broke down as 24 singles, 2 sticker singles (the other sticker was Alex English), 9 doubles and 1 sticker double of Dr. J. I guess I'm building another set. I've got doubles of Ewing and Isiah in with those doubles. I'm obviously keeping the Jordan (and having it graded ASAP, just to get it safely in a slab and authenticated; I'm already sold on its authenticity, because I've handled a ton of '86s, but other people might crab about it). The corners aren't great by any means, but it's legit and even with bad corners, I'll take it. 

Amazingly, I'm not done yet.

Hey, it's Roger Murdock!

I mostly remember Rick Barry from the Spalding "Street Ball" ads on the back of comics.

Before there was Dirk, basketball had another big ugly white guy. His name was Bill Walton.

Mack Calvin. Photo by Sears Portrait Studio.

Because nothing says "peace" like BULLETS.

I love the cut and paste work on the background here.

Hey, any of you need a Jack Sikma rookie? I think Ben Henry used to collect old Sonics, didn't he?

(Incidentally, I didn't end up buying the 2 Marinos mentioned earlier in the post. Just forgot about 'em.)

So, that was the rest of my Saturday.

Sunday (There's actually a Sunday?):

Mostly scanning and bed rest (my lungs are being persnickety again today), but I woke up for a minute and grabbed this...

Pinhole in the nameplate, but for under $5 shipped, a nice-looking add to the Ringside collection. Hope I didn't snipe anyone, as I legitimately didn't wake up with time to check the bid history.

Opening the floor to your comments. Any of y'all have any cool finds this weekend?



    That is ridiculous...MJ's RC as part of a $5 lot...nicely done man.

  2. Thanks. Not my most altruistic moment, but it was also the end of a garage sale day, and I might've spared the card from garage mildew/being thrown out/etc., so there's that.

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  4. I'm removing your blog from my reading list out of sheer jealousy.


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