Friday, July 1, 2011

Player Of The Month For July, 2011: Gil Hodges

Folks, I'm only going to say this once, and I'm going to keep it short and sweet.

What part of...

..."Gil Hodges"... you not understand?

That goes double for you mugs in Cooperstown.

I don't know why we continue to tolerate a Hall of Fame that doesn't have him as a member.

As I do every month, I'm extending the following offer: for all of July, if you think of trading with me, think first and foremost about trading your spare Gil Hodges cards to me. While trading can be an inexact science so your mileage may vary just as mine may, I will consider all Gil Hodges cards (old, new, whatever) to be worth double of what I would any other stuff I'd get in trades this month. I'll be making this offer for each Player Of The Month. My Gil Hodges haves are listed below. 
Gil Hodges (12): 57, 70-72 Topps, 57 Topps Dodgers Sluggers, 89 Topps Turn Back The Clock, 55 Bowman, 89 Bowman Contest Card, 82 Cramer Sports Promotions Baseball Legends Series 3, 89 Swell Baseball Greats, 86 TCMA Robert Stephen Simon’s Super Star Card Set, 01 Upper Deck Legends Of New York (5)

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