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The Round-Up for 07/12/11

Text-only today, because I'm ridiculously behind on scanning everything. Again. Clearly, I've been getting too many cards. A Bo deal didn't exactly help un-bury me (Thanks though, Bo!), nor did the one I've got in progress with the Mooss, but man, have I gotten some cards lately. My budget for the month is completely shot to hell, of course, but there's a pretty good reason for that (high-stress situation I dealt with last week; those situations tend to lead to flea market trips and full mailboxes), and it was probably silly of me in hindsight to try and start a budget in a high-stress month.

On the upside, I probably won't go broke (or more broke) ripping Ginter wax this month, as I've got the base set coming to me from Brent & Becca's million Ginter case breaks. I really should do the same with Goodwin this time around (even though I'm broke for the moment), though I've bought a few singles mostly because they were there.

I'm pondering never, ever logging another '87-'91 Topps, Fleer, Donruss, Score or Upper Deck (OK, maybe '89 UD, but that's IT) double on my trade list again. Y/N? 

Seriously, when I get bulk in, and it's been happening lately, my inclination's been to just put them in rough order and set up a dime box repository at my flea market, which would probably help me move other non-card stuff, too (something I need to do a lot of, for space reasons). I wouldn't wanna put legit trade bait or big money stuff out there, because I deal with a lot of the regular card guys and while I'm anti-anticompetitive behavior as a rule (Seriously, retailers of Earth: have ok prices, merchandise people want to buy and don't be a douchebag, and you won't need to use protectionism as a crutch!), I'd rather have someone willing to cut deals with me than get the money I'd get a few bucks at a time on the "bigger ticket" items. They'd get it if I made a coffee can full of change helping people fill sets and selling 80s and 90s Hall of Famers, Yankees, Mets and Phillies to kids while getting a bunch of stuff out of my house. Above that, I'm competition and someone that's automatically going to resell anything I get a deal on from them for a million dollars on teh eBays, because that's how folks react, unfortunately. Still, I think I could operate under the "oh noes, he's a dealer" radar and start a few good conversations by showing up with the dreaded junk wax once in a blue moon.

Mind you, I could also donate the stuff too, as I've discussed some and I've seen some discussion of, but that really seems like a situation where a lot can go wrong (I don't have any great love of bureaucracy, and you're basically sending out a baseball message in a bottle by putting those cards in grown-ups' hands and expecting them to find the kids who love baseball), and not as targeted as handing a kid without much cash a Don Mattingly or a Nolan Ryan card for a dime, or giving said kid a break once in a while and tossing 'em some freebies.

I also spent some time this week, after giving my collection a careful review, focusing my player collections of the moment (I do swap players out sometimes when I've gotten enough of 'em for a while; I've allegedly been on Dave Winfield hiatus for a few months, but his Padres cards are starting to sneak into my buys and trades) even further. I tried to focus on guys I've liked for a long time, who have enough cards to keep me busy for a long time (not A-Rod/Jeter/Mantle-level, but a few 2000 carders like Ichiro and Vlad) and whose bodies of work will constitute an actual chase of sorts, rather than just a bunch of purchases of big piles of '90s and '00s non-mojo (I'm almost up to 100 Thome cards just from doing this). 

Ready for the incredibly low number of players, scattered across all sports, that I'm "down" to? 

It's 70.

Here is the list:
(Names in italic indicate that I've got an autograph, names in bold indicate that I've got a relic, underlined names indicate that I've got at least 1 rookie card.)

20 non-Dodger, non-Yankees-I-Actually-Saw-Play-During-Their-Career PC:

Mark Buehrle
Dontrelle Willis
Vladimir Guerrero
Eddie Murray 
Hank Aaron
Frank Robinson
Jim Palmer
Josh Hamilton
Tim Lincecum
Ichiro Suzuki

Ted Williams
Dale Murphy
Bo Jackson

Felix Hernandez
 Paul Molitor
Robin Yount
Eric Davis
Roger Maris
Mike Schmidt
George Foster

10 1970s Yankees:

Bucky Dent
Rich Gossage
Ron Guidry

Jim Hunter
Reggie Jackson
Tommy John
Thurman Munson
Graig Nettles

Lou Piniella
Willie Randolph

5 1980s Yankees:

Rick Cerone
Dave Winfield
Don Mattingly
Mike Pagliarulo
Dave Righetti

10 1990s Yankees:

Bernie Williams
 Wade Boggs
Mariano Rivera
Orlando Hernandez
Dwight Gooden

Darryl Strawberry
 Paul O'Neill
David Cone
Tino Martinez
Scott Brosius

10 Brooklyn Dodgers:

Pee Wee Reese
Duke Snider
Jackie Robinson
Gil Hodges
Carl Furillo
Roy Campanella
Don Newcombe
Carl Erskine
Johnny Podres
Clem Labine

10 Football Players:

Ronnie Brown
Joe Flacco
Knowshon Moreno
Ndamukong Suh

Barry Sanders
Joe Montana
Joe Greene
Warren Moon
Joe Namath
William "Refrigerator" Perry

5 Athletes In Other Sports That I Collect, In No Order:

Kyle Okposo
Wayne Gretzky
Michael Jordan (basketball and baseball)
Julius Erving
Yao Ming

Now, granted, just over half of those are players that could be considered part of team collections (Yanks and Brooklyn Dodgers, 26 and 10 players respectively), and 15 are non-baseball (10 football, 5 other sports just like it is on my sidebar), but still, 70? That's a lot. An improvement, but a lot.
I'll still be collecting the other players I've said that I collect (but in a lot of cases, those guys' collections get near-entirely picked off just by building sets, especially the pre-'81 guys), but my focus for at least the next few months will probably be on these players.

Interestingly, there's still only one player on this list that I've got the trifecta on (Dontrelle, who's BACK, BABY!). Chalk that up to me not busting a lot of wax or grabbing a ton of relics, I suppose.

So, any thoughts on this? Love to hear 'em.

OK, enough non-real-time babbling for this edition! Group chat is on tonight, 9 PM Eastern Time here. Shoot the breeze about cards while asking each other "Who?" during the All-Star Game!

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