Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Round-Up for 07/26/11: A bunch of June purchases and life issues

Just to give you all a head's up on why I'm as quiet as I've been, and why things (posts, trade packages, etc.) are happening as slowly as they have: I just went through a Major Life Event about 3 weeks ago, and have been suffering from some pretty serious exhaustion ever since. It's frustrating, because I've been like a zombie. Brain works, body doesn't. Working on getting rest and getting things back up to speed here and elsewhere, but in the meantime, if there's a delay in anything going on with me, this is why. Now, back to not-real-life with your host, baseball cards!

As some of you may know, I dealt with some of the lead-up to the Major Life Event by spending too much money (it adds up, even at a few bucks at a time) on cards. Stress + me seems to=buying cards. Definitely something to be careful of moving forward, even if cool stuff like this comes to me as a result. Got the baseball card world's first real exposure to Wally and his eyebrows what seems like ages ago. One of those last-minute, "How is this going for so low?" bids on eBay. Only my second '54. Fun stuff!

This, on the other hand, somehow survived a week on eBay without any bids. Yes, it's the '56 Topps Dodgers team card. Been through hell, creases for miles, but when I slept through the end of the auction (see?) and saw that it went without a bid, I did one of those on-the-sly, contact-the-seller deals and got it for about 2 hobby packs of Ginter. Huge card to check off my '56 Dodgers team. More Bums coming in a later post or two.

This auction ended at a buck, plus shipping. Can you see a damn thing wrong with this 1972 Topps Willie Mays card? Me neither. I was so psyched about it, that I took advantage of combined shipping and got the card right below it for another $2.75...

Yep, Cecil's got a big ol' crease above his head, lookin' like a lightning bolt, but the price was right and I don't have to think about getting this card again for my '72 set unless I want to.

Willie first showed up just prior to this pick-up in a 2 card lot of '68 Topps card game inserts that, again, was hobby-pack cheap. The other card?

This guy.

...who also showed up by himself here, dirt cheap. Love this card.

Last one for today. "Mom, the TV's got a crease in it!" Paid just a smidge more than I should have for this (Ever have one of those auctions where you go a bit more than you should, thinking you won't win, and do? Yeah, that...), but again, we're talking a hobby pack or two here. First playing-era Scooter card for me, and another '55 Bowman (only the second non-Bum for me so far).

On the news front, f00'ball's back, Topps f00'ball is out this week (curious how well the '11 design will translate to f00'ball in person; the '10 design looked way better on f00'ball than it did on baseball, but it didn't have a baseball incorporated as a primary design element initially), Bowman Platinum was due this week (Any word on that?), the National (which I will hopefully make it to next year) is this weekend, and Gintermania is in full swing. Done with the base set (as I mentioned, for the price of a blaster and shipping; Brent & Becca took really good care of me there), but if you're trading 'em, keep me in mind for your inserts. Yep, even those "blasphemous" ones. 

I've laid low since my Ginter set aside from a few trades that'll hopefully be getting posts sooner than later. No flea market last weekend. Actually been doing some pare-down work in my player collection boxes (which were turning into "anyone who was ever considered a star" boxes; I had a lot of Cliff Floyd cards), so the trade list will be filling back up again as soon as I feel like auditing and typing. 

I have been having a blast on the Topps Diamond Giveaway site, where my meager 14 codes have turned into 81 cards so far, 38 of them from 1980 and back. Still no huge stars in that stuff, but I've got a lot of Dock Ellis and Alex Johnson cards right now, I've turned an '82 Vida Blue into a '77 Luis Tiant just by trading Blue's cards for the previous year's Tiant and vice-versa, and I've turned an '86 checklist into a '78 checklist by doing the same with checklist cards. Most recent card, netted with a '74 Burt Hooton that I got along with a '74 Randy Hundley for a '72 Carlos May that'd been collecting dust for a few weeks?


Man, that's a pretty card.

I'll leave y'all with that for now. More from me soon, hopefully!


  1. Actually, assuming that there isn't anything else wrong with me that's causing the exhaustion (I'll probably hit the doctor's in a week or two to be sure, if this is still going on), stuff's theoretically better than OK. This was a good Major Life Event, but my body seems to be giving me the finger after the 3 solid years of stress it took to get there. Thanks for the good vibes though, AJ.


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