Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Second Trade Was Even Funner

Julie and I made a trade back in March, and she was entirely too good to me. When we finished the deal, she called dibs on my next hit from the players she collects. So, when I got one of those one-per-case '11 Topps Sparkle Variations of her man Ryan Zimmerman, I gave her a buzz, and, defeating the purpose of sending her a big hit, she was once again entirely too good to me. I did throw her a bunch of old Phils which she'll hopefully enjoy, and this year's Ginter Cliff Lee to go along with her Zimmerman, but yeah, way too good to me. Here are a few of the highlights:

Man, this card is cool. I don't collect cards of the Gaylord usually, but autograph + signed on leather=sign me up. Solid signature, even on shaky material.

Auto of the unspectacular-yet-rock-steady ace of both of my fantasy teams this year? Again, I'm in.

Is that a Greg Maddux bat card? Whoa.

Ichiro probably is climbing the walls by now, with the way the Mariners have been playing. Ah well, at least they finally won today, beating the Yanks to break a 17 game losing streak.

These framed Gypsy Queen cards are just plain nice. Also: yay, Roger Maris!

Little bit of Robin Yount action here...

...and Murph. I've got the bronze framed Murph, too. How many colors did these come in?

You don't often see post-career cards of Big Dave in an Angels uniform, so I had to highlight this one here. Kind of a forgotten part of his career.

J.P., who's survived today's Toronto trade barrage so far, was one of two cards I still needed for Series 2 (counting some that Ted has aside for me)...

...and to bring us full circle, non-sparkly Zim was the other, so I'm quasi-officially done with the '10 Topps set! (Until Update comes out in October, anyway.) Yep, for those who missed it, I got the 1-per-case variation of this card before I found the base one, and to make it even more interesting, this was Julie's only copy of it as of the time of this trade. Very generous of her! Folks, if you've got spares, send one her way!

On top of all this fun, there were a bunch of Series 2 inserts (Toppstown, 60, Kimball) I needed, a Heritage Freddie Freeman and a GQ Great Ones Yount in the package, but I figure you've probably seen a lot of this stuff already.

Julie, you spoil me! Thanks so much for everything in the package, and I'm still considering myself to be on the hook for Phillies, Nats, Drabek and Votto hits here!


  1. Yours are on their way. Oddly enough, I busted lots (and I mean LOTS) of series 2 and found very few Zimmermans. I always needed him to finish off a set. Of course I ran into plenty of Mitch Maier.

  2. Ted, I think he's a guerrilla SP, which makes it even cooler that Julie hooked me up. Thanks for sending stuff along!


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