Friday, July 29, 2011

Some more stuff from the June binge: Bums and other Dodgers!

Rejoice! Old guys in Dodger uniforms (both Brooklyn and L.A.) await!

I totally sniped Greg on this one. Sorry again for that! Yep, this is a '54 Bowman Roy Campanella with a crease to the right of his ear and some serious, serious border trimming. How serious?

Text missing from the back serious. Still, mighty cheap, and an awesome card.

I was trying for the combined shipping on this and a Hodges card. I lost the Hodges. I still got a '57 Clem Labine!

'53 Bowman Color Carl Furillo. Probably trimmed (though I think my scanner ate the bottom, rather than a pair of scissors). Definitely awesome.

More '53 love with this one-year wonder.

Now, for the first of two non-Bums. Hey, Maury Wills, what're you doing on that '60 Topps card without a card contract? This is kinda-sorta his rookie card. Kinda. $6 at the flea market from a card dealer there, in nice shape.

This Maury Wills, he did sign a contract for! It's my first 1963 Fleer card (and one of the pricier ones, if you go for a mint copy), and I got it for myself for my birthday for $9.70 shipped. This was an all-time want. Still trying to figure out what my deal is with Maury Wills, beyond that he seems to have singlehandedly invented or at least popularized "the National League style of baseball" as we know it today. Always did like dudes who stole a ton of bases, too. For some reason, getting all his obtainable playing-era cards has been something that's seriously interested me since I started seriously buying cards again. I'm actually pretty close, too. The '67 Topps (his first "official" Topps and a high number) is gonna be the toughest, but after that, it's just the '70, I think I still need the '72 In Action, and then the oddball stuff (the 2 Posts I don't have, team issues, etc.) I don't have from there.


  1. No need to apologize, that Campy is too sweet to pass up haha! Congrats on that and the rest of the sweet haul!

  2. The Labine card is one of my all-time favorites. Fortunately I have that one. I really need to get both the Wills cards.


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