Friday, August 19, 2011

2012 Topps Thoughts...

Just saw the first images, and Mr. Olds' blurb about 'em. My immediate thoughts are the following...

1. The base looks a little bit like Lineage, doesn't it?

2. They really, REALLY should strongly consider scrapping the look of the base cards in favor of the look of the 1/1 wood variation cards. They've got 6 months to come up with another 1/1 variant design to replace the woodgrain look. With just a few cosmetic tweaks, this design went from "meh" to gorgeous, and they're going to go 1/1 on that? As Mr. Horse once said, "No sir, I didn't like it!"

Seriously, Topps. Go with the woodgrain! You know we want it!


  1. Love the Mr. Horse reference. While I do like the look of the base, I do agree that the wood looks much cooler. Unfortunately the rumors of the 'seven series' released throughout the first half year has been laid to rest. Damn the luck. Shame on Topps for doing nothing but the same thing. Oh wait. They did change something, hobby boxes have 12 less packs. Game changing indeed.

  2. That was my first thought when I saw these images released; they should just make that the base.


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