Monday, August 15, 2011

August 2011 East Dover First Aid Card Show Report

I got a table this time! Of course, because I'm the only person on Earth who doesn't take pictures/video of everything, I have no pictures of it, nor did I get any pictures of the guest of honor, Mickey Rivers, but I still had a very good day at Dr. Wax's latest card show.

After setting up (about a half hour late, damn oversleeping), I wandered over to a few neighboring tables. Some dudes who had a quarter box of recent Chrome/etc. offered me the box for $10, which I decided to mull over for a few. While I was doing that, I hit a $.50 vintage box for the first time and picked up this...

Lefty's a little worse for wear, but it's another Hall of Famer off my '74 checklist.

Speaking of Hall of Famers, this really sharp '78 Ryan (my oldest) was picked up in a trade for a Topps Jeter rookie that didn't have the world's greatest corners. Both parties were pleased, as the guy getting the Jeter thought I was being perfectionist about the corners.

Last month, I had a senior moment and forgot to pick up a few cards that I was looking at in the 15 for $10 box this one guy had. Jim Palmer here was one...

Mr. Yount was another...

...and Michael Jack here was another. I have no idea how I didn't already have this card, but I didn't, and now I do.

After I took care of business, upon thinking on it a bit more, I did grab the quarter box for $10. I figured "if nothing else, it'll give me something to do during the slow parts of the show", and it did. I saw a good number of these Best inserts in the box on my first pass through it, but I ended up not needing any of them aside from Mr. Utley here. I'll have a list of doubles up soon.

On the other hand, Jesus! There were about 7 Best Prospects I needed in this box. I'm across the halfway mark on both the base Best and the Best Prospects set now, which I'm pretty happy about. When I'm done with the '11 versions, I need to get crackin' on the '94s they were based on.

There were a LOT of '11 Bowman Chrome Prospects in this $10 box, enough for me to get within 6 of finishing the set without additional purchases (I grabbed Goldschmidt, Belt, Banuelos and some other dude from the guys I bought the box from after I finished building the near-set from their box), and with a ton of doubles. If you need "commons" from this set, I'm your guy.

BlueClaws in the house! There were also a decent amount of '10 Chrome Prospects (about half the set) in the box, with some doubles. I've got an extra Jesse Biddle to go along with this one, if anyone's interested.

There was also about half a '10 Bowman Chrome Draft set in this box. Wade Davis is still going to be in prospects sets 100 years from now, I fear.

Along with all this baseball, there was also some f00'ball, including some Inception base cards. These are really nice, really thick cards. Not worth $100 a friggin' box for 7 friggin' cards, but nice. I've got doubles of a handful of base cards, which I'll be listing soon.


Knowshon snuck into the dime box, too.

The atmosphere at Dr. Wax's shows is always solid. Good food, a bunch of folks hanging out and busting chops, people willing to deal, a nice mix of new and old product, and door prizes out the wazoo. For the second month in a row, I won a gold card....


Blurry, but I left it in the case because I didn't want to handle the "gold". Nope, not melting this one down. The McGwire I got last month, maybe.

I made a combo cash/trade deal with a dealer I know locally, and since I had most of the set anyway, I finally broke down and snagged one of these damn things in the deal. As for '11 Chrome Prospects, I'm still missing card #21, Jose Pirela (unless it's in my boxes at home), so if you've got one, throw it aside for me.

On my second pass through the 50 cent vintage box, I grabbed this nice lookin' 1971 Bobby Bonds.

I also got in on the '72 action with Dave Concepcion here...

...and a miscut double of my man Ted Simmons here. I'd powered down my laptop by the time I was looking through the box again, and I couldn't remember if I had this or not. Ah well, it was cheap, it's up for trade, and it filled my "buying one old card I already have" quota for the show.

Nice '73 Chambliss is nice.

My last purchase on the day was from Dr. Wax's table on the way out. This put me exactly at the break even point, after all the cards I got, the table fees, and the 2 chili dogs and a Coke I had while I was there. Sales were slow-to-OK (the cash/trade deal I got the Harper in took care of a lot of my costs), but most of my table setup was dime boxes of commons. (Note: I actually sold some 1987 Topps commons to someone!) Back to Wally, though. Always good to get another card of the guy with the best eyebrow in the business. Corners are a little ugly, but it's flat and clean otherwise, with no creases.

So, yeah, awesome show. I'll be back at the next show on September 11th, and am probably setting up a table again (need to restock on some stuff to make it worthwhile, but that shouldn't be hard). If you're in the Jersey Shore area, these shows are a lot of fun. Come hang out! More info can be had here.

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