Friday, August 19, 2011

Dear Tire That Decided To Blow Out 3 Miles Into My Trip...

...kiss my ass.


So yeah, that happened. No White Plains show, no meeting with Bo at a shady Dunkin Donuts somewhere. I'm fine and so's the car (save for the tire...and the Creedence...), so there's that, at least, but otherwise, what a drag. To reference another movie, I feel like Ralphie after the BB ricocheted.

Ah well. Next White Plains show is in a month or so. Jimmy Piersall's signing! Anyone wanna meet up there?


  1. I may try and make it. I just checked a quick mapquest look up and its only an hour and a half from where I am. Seems like a good show.

  2. Ted, that'd be pretty cool. Let's shoot for this. Still a little early to settle on a date, because they don't have all the auto guests up (and some folks might be up for autos), but let's try for either Saturday or Sunday just so the workin' folks don't go nuts trying to get there.

    Any other locals up for it? Better question: are any locals familiar enough with the setup of the show to help us find a decent meeting spot?

  3. Saturday or Sunday works way better for me as well. Hard to justify taking a day off work for a card show. Seems reasonable enough though and once we get closer to the date, details can be settled then.

  4. My tire just blew out too... but mine was a week earlier and I was on my way to meet a friend for dinner.


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