Thursday, August 4, 2011

It took some doing...

...but, after a little bit of wrangling and some patience, while it's not a '71 or this guy, I GOT MY COOKIE:

After about 4 trades (the last of which was for a '92 Ripken All-Star, so it wasn't entirely cheap), I turned a 1992 Brian Bohanon card into this when someone offered it to me. I've been having WAY too much fun with the Diamond Giveaway. 14 cards have become 94 over a few short months, 35 of which are pre-1980. There's only 3 definite keepers so far ('74 Dock Ellis and Vida Blue and '75 J.R. Richard, barring any acquisitions of the three before deadline time), but I'm still having a blast. If you wanna keep up with my progress, I've been tracking it here.

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