Friday, August 19, 2011

The Round-Up for 08/19/11: Pre-White Plains Edition!

(I can't remember which of my scans I haven't posted, so I'm just gonna repost the glory of Henry Cruz for today's header image. Try not to be too heartbroken.)
Yep, I'll be visiting the White Plains show today. If you're trying to spot me, look for the longhaired guy dropping cards all over the place because he bought too much from the dime boxes, probably wearing a band t-shirt with something vaguely blasphemous on it and a hoodie. Say hi if you do, and let me know that you know I'm that Scott Crawford guy with the card site! Magical things may occur!
Unless you count Hall Of Fame induction weekend, which I think is its own animal, I haven't been to a "big" card show in probably close to 25 years. God help me. Very curious as to how foot traffic and dealer presence will be on a non-"big" (proper weekend) day. Also looking forward to stopping by Carl Erskine's table and thanking him for the TTM autograph from last year, which hopefully I'll be able to swing. Not sure how the autograph lines work for this joint.

After the show, I'll be heading to Bo's neck of the woods. Yep, we've graduated to in-person trading. Yeesh. Should beat the HECK out of typing up the numbers of like 3000 cards per trade and trying to figure out how to fit them all in a large flat rate box without squashing any, though.
A quick shout-out and a thank you go to Morgan of Silver Slugger for getting in touch and offering to send me 2 1990 Fleer commons I need for the set. That's dedication! Morgan's new to our corner of the 'net, but what I've read of her site had some heartfelt, thoughtful commentary on the Braves (there sure are a lot of Bravos fans in the card hobby), collecting and such. Check it out, and tell her I sent you.

I'm pretty sure that I'm like a million years behind on trade posts (and all manner of other posts), and I feel bad about that (I really, really need to start keeping the trade packages separate from my other cards until I actually post; otherwise, this stuff just gets eaten). If I haven't posted about a trade we've done this summer, huge apologies. I'll be going through my inbox and seeing which trades didn't make it onto the site yet over the next week or two, so you're not forgotten if you've been wondering "Hey, is he gonna post about that?"

Speaking of trades, I've been doing a fair-to-middlin' job of keeping track of my Topps Diamond Giveaway haul here (and if you misplace this post, the link's in my sidebar). If you're interested in anything I have, give a holler (I'm "sssdddccc" on the site if you've been wondering who that guy making you lousy offers all the time is), though you'll need to make a pretty good offer to get my '80 Hosken Powell out of me (I'm looking at you, Johnny).
That's about it for now. Look for a report on today's events later in the weekend, provided that Bo doesn't bury me alive under millions of 1990-1992 Upper Deck cards first.

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