Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Round-Up for 09/10/11: Yep, I'm still here!

Pee Wee says so!

So, it's been an interesting couple of weeks. I've been adjusting to a new normal in my life, so to speak, so I really haven't been able to put my mind on writing about cards too much. This doesn't mean I'm bored with cards, nor that I haven't been getting them. Quite the opposite is true of the latter, to the point where I'm not too disappointed about having to miss my first Dr. Wax card show in the morning. (If you're in the Toms River, NJ area, don't be like me! Go! It's a fun show.) 

I've actually spent a lot of the past few weeks (yes, weeks) working on the trade to end all trades with Bo, a trade so big, it wouldn't fit in just a single large flat-rate Priority Mail box! I'll try to get pictures of the boxes on Monday or Tuesday when they get here, before I start sorting, just so you can see how ridiculous it got.

When I haven't been doing that or getting used to a whole new set of red tape back in the real world, I've been focusing my collecting quite a bit and taking things down off my want list like gangbusters. Mostly, what I've been getting can be filed under one of two areas: base Topps cards of players I collect who played pre-1980, and junk wax sets. 

The latter's been kinda silly, but I'm tired of running into the stuff and wondering "Do I have the Wade Boggs card?", so I'm putting as much of it away as I can. Yep, even the Donruss, because factory sets are cheap and in most cases, those cards haven't been exposed to oxygen or human hands, meaning the crappy card stock hasn't gotten destroyed yet. It's cheap enough to pick up factory sets of most things from 88-92 (non-Topps '87 is a little tougher, but I'm basically down to Fleer there), and it makes dealers happy when you help 'em get rid of it. Despite most people lumping '93 and '94 in with the overproduced era, I'm finding that those sets are definitely tougher and more expensive to pick up, in factory form or not. Maybe it's the Jeter factor for '93 (though he's not in every set), or the "we'd better start slowing down production, there's a strike coming" factor on the '94 stuff, but I see a lot less of that stuff than you'd think.

As for the former, I've been having a blast. An mildly expensive blast (though it's definitely less expensive than you'd think), but a blast nonetheless. Cracking away on '70s (and when I find 'em, '50s and '60s) star cards is awesome. It's giving me a nice head start on set building there, too. I'm thinking that I'm going to get as much of '69-'94 Topps done as possible over the next year or so, without breaking the bank or making my house look like it's on an episode of "Hoarders". After I get a bit more settled there, I'll start working more seriously on 81-85 Fleer and Donruss, and then I'll get a bit more serious about post-strike ('95-present) cards. With the post-'95 stuff, it really comes down to Topps, Score (I've gotten all sentimental about Score lately) and whatever sets I like the design of.

My want list will soon reflect the shift in focus, and probably be a little easier to read. It's in the works.

My trade list, on the other hand, venerable thing that it is, is getting nuked soon, at least in anything resembling its current form. You've all had a year to look at the cards on it, so if something was going to go, it would've gone already. What I'll be doing instead is similar to what Wicked does, where I'll periodically make trade bait posts. This way, you get to see the fresh stuff without me spending hours doing data entry and reducing most of these cards to anonymous numbers. I'll make a master list of the sets I have cards from, and pin it to this site somewhere, but there's just no freakin' way I should be keeping track of trades on 20,000+ doubles. I shouldn't even have 20,000+ doubles. If I got rid of the junk wax baseball right now, that'd still leave me with 10,000+. Would you wanna keep track of that? Me neither!

As for other stuff I'm doing, I will be at White Plains come hell or high water (if I have a blowout again, I'm walking), and possibly for both days, since the rapscallions booked Denny McLain (free auto!) and Tracy Stallard for Saturday and Frank Howard and Jimmy Piersall for Sunday. I might even get a hotel room up there somewhere, to save on driving hours and gas money. If y'all want to meet up with me either day, let me know.

And as for how I'll be writing things, going into year two of this site: it feels kinda icky, writing about everything that comes my way. "Look what I got!" just seems gross in this economic climate, even if I'm bargain hunting like crazy, trading when I can, and spending far, far less in a month than your average mojo hunter does in an hour. So, I will probably be doing less of that. Once I get a little more settled, though, I will be going, year-by-year, set-by-set through my stuff and posting about interesting stuff I find. I'll probably write about stuff that happens with current cards, though a lot of people do that, so I'm not going to say things about it just to say I've checked in on it. I'd like to write more about other sports, even though I'm wading into territory I'm not super-familiar with. Aside from our favorite Seneca Wallace collector's adventures and the hockey coverage at Shoebox Legends, I really haven't been reading a lot about people collecting other sports, and trades within those sports have been totally dead. Am I the only one dumb enough to be building Score f00'ball sets, or are some of you working on it, too? Seriously, if you're building the last 2 years of Score and have doubles/want lists, get in touch! We can totally work something out.

Speaking of f00'ball, before I head out, if you've been wondering who this month's Player Of The Month is (I'm 10 days late), it's this guy:

Seriously, Ronnie Brown couldn't have a bad f00'ball card if he tried, and that's more than enough to get him a f00'ball month Player Of The Month nod. While I'm admittedly not jazzed about him being on Team Puppy Killer this season, the silver lining in that is that I'll see more of his games. All talk about the ethics of his teammates aside, the potential versatility of the Eagles' offense this year is really, really frightening. They'll all have to stay healthy, but if they do and if Andy Reid uses them optimally, look out.

Oh, one more thing before I go. Again, I really feel like I want to break the habit of brag posts a bit, but there's a question attached to this awesome addition that I'd love to see us all get to work on answering...

Yep, it's a Snider relic, but not just any Snider relic...

"Congratulations! You have received a game-used pants card from The Upper Deck Company."

First, I got Roy Campanella's pants. Now, I've got Duke Snider's pants.

I think this calls for an investigation into how many of Brooklyn Dodgers have let the card companies get into their pants.

No, I'm serious. 

I'd love to put together a collection of The Pants Of Summer here. Anyone who can do a little of my legwork for me and find pants cards of more Brooklyn guys will get my undying gratitude.

And with that request, I'm off for now. Be good, folks, and know that I am working on catching up on everything. Drop a line and let us all know what's been up with you, in the comments!


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