Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Round-Up For 10/19/11: Tired of "I'm still here!" posts yet? Edition

Yep, for the millionth time, I'm making one of these posts. Pretty awesome, eh?

Time keeps getting away from me. Still very much adjusting to a new life that's like the old one, but not. In the good way. Things happening faster than I can keep up with 'em. Rest assured, I'm not bored with the card hobby (I am out of space for cards, though!), nor am I giving up on this site (I've had it a year, after all; the domain needs to be renewed this month!). I actually miss y'all a bunch and am way behind on your adventures, since I've had very little time to look at Google Reader lately.

I also do miss trading a bunch (though I have one "Here, have a Jeter, and if you find anything, cool. If not, enjoy the Jeter." deal going with Sooz from A Cardboard Problem), but I kinda need to be able to list and/or scan the stuff I've gotten in, and right now, I'm short on time and space, as I mentioned. A preview, though: if you're working on '71 Topps high numbers (and don't care too much about condition) or '75 Topps (and do), you should probably send me your want lists. Yeah, I had one of those kinds of finds right before White Plains.

Speaking of card shows, I was only at Dr. Wax's latest show long enough to spend too much money, but for the time I was there, I did have a blast watching the regular dealers and Joe Pepitone busting each other's chops. Joe and Fast Eddie in particular made plenty of sport of one another. Good times. Next Dr. Wax show is November 13th, same place (and details are at the link above), with both Yankee favorite Roy White and the great Robert Scott appearing and signing autos! It'll be good to see Bob again, and when I met Roy very briefly in Cooperstown, I almost didn't notice him, because he came walking into town with Ron Guidry and some folks, and I was all "Hey, Gator!" which almost allowed Roy to slip into town all ninja-like.

I know I said I was going to try and slow down on "Look what I got!" posts, even though they're basically the bread and butter of this kinda site, but I do have to share one thing with y'all. The day before White Plains (yep, completely different story than the one I alluded to above; I was on a heater that weekend), I went to see Michael Monroe in Philadelphia (astute readers may have noticed the tour shirt in the Denny McLain pic). On the way there, I spotted Swing And A Hit Cards during my drive, and stopped in. Cool store, tons of good stuff and the owner, Charlie, seemed like a solid guy. Right before I left, I was looking at the signed and unsigned photo memorabilia on the walls, and this caught my eye, for obvious reasons...

Yep, this was printed 2 days shy of 50 years before I found it. Now, it wasn't the full paper, just the sports page cover (and Charlie seemed almost apologetic because the guy he bought it from did this to it), but it was a beautiful framed piece of one of my favorite players of all time, and when Charlie told me "Twenty bucks", I had it off the wall faster than you can say "Scott forgot to get Tracy Stallard's auto at White Plains because he was so distracted by the shiny". The FRAME is worth $20. So, rather than being on the wall of the store, this is on my wall, right next to my computer and my card display case (so I look at it whenever I'm at my computer, which is too often), a more than welcome addition to my collection. I figure that something like this is worth breaking form for, yeah?

For those of you going to Hofstra this weekend, have a blast (really, one of the best guest lineups I've ever seen for a card show, and a don't-miss if you were a fan of the '86 Mets; I hate that I can't make this one), and for the rest of you out there ripping Bowman Chrome as I type this, enjoy that too. Send in those want lists I asked for, drop a line and let me know how your luck's been lately, and all the best to ye in the meantime.

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  1. Nice find Mr. Crawford... makes me want to frame some of my old newspaper clippings I've kept over the years.


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