Saturday, November 5, 2011

2011 In Review Part V: 1955

Poor Pee Wee. Crease right down the middle of 'em, but we love 'em anyway.

This one just came in on Thursday. The Brooklyn Strasburg! (Let's hope Stephen has better luck with his career than poor Karl did.) I still don't have a lot of '55 Topps (again, Bowman's ahead here), but I'm gonna work on that a bit in 2012. It's a small set and there's no Mantle in it, so who knows?

Man, look at that brow. You're the king, Wally! Scanned this a while ago, no idea why I didn't get around to posting it.

Some other stuff from this time period that you've already seen, most likely:

'56 tomorrow!

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