Sunday, November 6, 2011

2011 In Review Part VI: 1956

Stu here was actually my oldest Topps Diamond Giveaway pull, and the card's in pretty nice shape. In the end (well, there's still 2 months left and I've still got almost 300 cards, most of them pre-'80 in my account), I did pretty well over there, when the site actually worked.

THE DOG ATE MY ASHBURN! I picked up this poor guy at Rookies & Stars for under a buck, might've even been a quarter. Definitely no more than a buck, though. Couldn't resist.

For some reason, though I scanned it earlier (as I did with the Ashburn), I don't think I posted this Billy Loes when I got it. It was a card show pickup, so it might've gotten lost in the shuffle, but it's a '56 Bum and there's just no excuse for that!

Some other stuff from this time period that you've already seen, most likely:

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