Monday, November 7, 2011

2011 In Review Part VII: 1957

Let's start off today with this beauty, grabbed from Dr. Wax at a ridiculously low price that I won't even repeat here. You'll note that there is some paper loss on the front of the card, usually a total no-no when you're picking something like this up. However, look at where the majority of it is (yeah, there's that nick by Campy's bat, but look at the rest of it!). If I were to create a story based upon the placement of it, either some heartbroken kid ripped off the word "Brooklyn" after the Dodgers left, or they taped something to it with "Los Angeles" over the "Brooklyn" and ripped it off later. Or, it could've just happened. Life's weird like that. Still, thanks to the magic of childhood card damage, once again, I've got a Roy Campanella card I'd never be able to afford otherwise. Maybe one day, I'll own a Campy card that isn't damaged.

Picked this up at White Plains in October. Real nice Sandy Amoros card. No great backstory to it, but it doesn't need one.

Maglie hangin' on with another team. Of course, he did more than "hang on" in '56. He had a hell of a season, and I can personally vouch for him pitching a really good Game 5 of the '56 World Series, having watched it. Of course, really good wasn't quite enough that day, but damn it, he was solid.

This Oisk literally just landed in my mailbox as I'm writing this (Friday afternoon; trying to stay ahead of this stuff). Another great picture. After this one, I only need one more base Topps of Carl's (and of course, it's the '52, but it's a low number, thankfully). This and the Sal Maglie card were recent, cheap eBay pickups.

Some other stuff from this time period that you've already seen, most likely:

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