Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2011 In Review: some thoughts before I start something I hope I'll finish...

Recently, I said that I wasn't really super-keen on "Look what I got!" posts, and to be honest, I'm still not. For instance, going here a few times recently and seeing how grateful some folks are just to have a bag of second hand clothes passed onto them doesn't necessarily mean that I should be ashamed of the other things I do with my still-limited-but-not-there resources, but it does give me a really strong interest in not appearing tone deaf like some folks I see online, who are pretty clearly flaunting wealth in the face of the suffering of others. I'm not rich, I'm not wealthy, and I still probably couldn't survive for more than about a year solely on my own resources, but I would still consider myself extremely fortunate to have what I do and to have some of the opportunities I do. I really don't ever want to take that for granted again, nor do I want to give anyone who is down on their luck the feeling I get sometimes when I see people talking about trust funds and bottomless pocketbooks and homes on 2 coasts or in multiple countries, which is a feeling of "What planet do these people live on?" Hopefully, I don't do that, and hopefully some of you out there who aren't even able to (relatively) bargain hunt like I do and find stuff can enjoy some of what I share with you.

I've also got to seriously, totally, you bet your ass rein it in with the spending (again, we are almost all in a bad way economically, and the pretty modest windfall I received late this summer doesn't change my situation that much), and start financing this hobby with some of my extras, through trades, etc., and I think that taking a long look at what I have managed to get, slowing down and appreciating it all a bit more, that could help me. Yep, I've still been struggling with the compulsive spending, but I think I've got a chance to beat it. I'm definitely getting better at recognizing the signs. So, consider this therapy of a sort, too.

I'm also notoriously bad at doing "series" posts. Always have been bad at finishing anything, really, and remembering to finish card series posts is no exception. However, I'm gonna give this a try.

What I'm going to try to do here is post highlights from my collecting year, grouped by year of production. There are 61 days left in the year, so I'm going to do 1951-back today, and 1952-on as one-a-day posts. In some cases, I may link to older articles, but in others, I'll be scanning things I haven't shown you folks yet. 

As part of that modest windfall I mentioned earlier, I got a much better scanner than we had in the house previously as a free throw-in when I finally upgraded my dying computer; by better, I don't mean "crazy resolution", I mean "wireless and capable of batch scanning". This will hopefully help me get things posted here much more easily and with greater frequency, though again, I really want to focus on appreciating what I have more than "Lookit what I just blew a buncha dough on!" Plus, with the holidays coming up, like most of us, I've got to focus more on picking up gifts for folks than "MOJO! MOJO! MOJO!".

OK, enough apologies for who I am for one post. In a little bit, I'll be posting part 1 of Best Of 2011, starting with the really old (and pretty busted, in a few cases) stuff!

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