Thursday, November 3, 2011

"This is kinda what I mean..." Part II: 1923 Wills Cigarettes Lucky Charms Set

Say you got something for one of your collections that was so old, it was made when your grandparents were in their early teens. Say it was really, really cool, and in great shape. Now, say you even have a web site where you post and discuss these things. First of all, you'd have posted about it right away, I'm guessing. Second, when doing a "best of the year" series, discussing all your great finds from that year, you'd have mentioned it, right?

I guess not! This is the 1923 Wills Cigarettes Lucky Charms set. Yep, the whole set.

(click through each image for a better look at the pictures and text)

This is all kinds of awesome and old and occult and weird. Beautiful artwork, too.

And yet, for some reason, I didn't mention it in my "Best Of" post. Might've been an "out of sight, out of mind" thing because it's in an album now and not as "in front of me" as my baseball stuff is.

As this was printed in 1923, the 4th card from the left in the top row didn't mean what it's come to mean just yet. It'd be nice if it never came to mean that.

I'd planned to do a longer series about these cards, and even showed the first page in a Round-Up post as a teaser, but I've talked this week about what happens when I plan to do long series. (November's Player Of The Month is Meb Keflezighi, on that note.)

Seriously, these things are gorgeous, and I came across them by accident while hunting for a Pug card from the Player's Cigarettes dog heads series that either Smed or Mooss got earlier in the year. Never would've known they existed otherwise, so thanks, whichever one of you it was!

Wonderfully esoteric cards, and I hope that you all enjoy them. Me, I need to spend more time enjoying them, obviously...

...and with that, I bid you adieu, and again, say to myself, "Slow down, Scott."

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  1. I'm with you. Great cards! I have some cards from 1910 ready to post. Maybe tomorrow.


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