Monday, December 5, 2011

2011 In Review Part VIII: 1958

Oisk! Always good to see 'em. Blanking on where I got this, but I think this was an eBay pickup, as was the next card...

"I had to be pretty good for them to keep sending me out there enough to lose that many games."

This is my first playing era card of Roger. Gotta remedy that, as there's a couple Brooklyn cards of his that I need.

And, to round things off here (until the Snider arrives), the last base Topps Carl Furillo I needed (still need the '60 World Series card, and he may have showed up on some other Topps cards during his career that weren't the Dodgers Sluggers card or team cards, but I'm not sure). Got this at White Plains for a few bucks. 

Airbrushing (and Dodgers uniform) experts: were these airbrush jobs, or was the "LA" on the caps just a little different in '58? This is the first I've noticed it on the cards. I'm assuming that, if they weren't airbrushed (and that didn't seem too widespread in photo-based Topps cards until sometime in the '60s), Topps did shoots with the Dodgers as soon as they confirmed that they were leaving and had the new caps, but yeah, something's definitely different about those initials here...

To finish up, and break up the Dodger monopoly on this post, here's the oldest, and probably the best looking vintage card I got from the Topps Diamond Giveaway. Really cool card of young Bill Virdon, his whole life ahead of him. Nice view of the Pirate flannel vest. Not so sure about that Pirate logo in the corner, though.

Some other stuff from this time period that you've already seen, most likely:

'59's coming soon. Already started scanning cards for it, but it's the first "big" year, so I've got some more to go...

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