Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Best of 2011: I told you I was bad at finishing things!

Wow. When last we spoke, I was on a great run, posting a batch of cards from every year, scheduling posts, having stuff done in advance, even! And then...stuff happened. Sleep issues. Running around like a crazy person issues (it is Q4 after all). Life. You all know how it is. Anyway, I will be getting back to my Best of 2011 momentarily (no, literally; the '58s are next thing on the scanner, and I should resume the rapid-fire posting that Night Owl has probably missed like crazy sometime after that, to see if I can catch up on this), but in the meantime, here's a few late additions to 1957-back, from oldest to newest.

'49 Bowman Billy Cox! My first '49 Bowman. It was in an album of some sort that left black marks on the borders, but it was also a couple of bucks, and I think those black marks give it character!

More Bowman excitement and thrills! This here's a '50 Carl Furillo! Another well-loved, affordable card (from "arturothebull" on eBay, whose listings are the best-written on the entire site), another Furillo off the checklist. Plus, how can you not love a guy who smiles like this?

I found this in a box lot I bought. Yep, it's the '89 Bowman reprint. Yep, someone, somewhere was trying to pass this off as the original at some point, despite the fact that the card back has the '89 sweepstakes jazz on it. I'm going to keep this card in this holder forever, just because it makes me laugh.

Rocky Dennis would be proud. I still need to re-watch "Mask" to ascertain whether he was collecting the '55 cards or the '56 ones (which represent the '55 team), but either way, I've got both Rubes now. He apparently used to live up the street from my girlfriend's dad when he was a kid. Said dad was also at the last game at Ebbets Field, as legend has it, and spent a good chunk of his childhood there, but doesn't watch baseball anymore. Go figure.

Oh yeah. That's the stuff. 

I missed the cheap one that Dr. Wax had in his case for about a year (from the same lot as my '56 Pee Wee), which I was bummed about, because I spent about a year or so promising myself I'd get it as a treat when I won my case. I found one for a few bucks more, and in much better shape (there's a light vertical crease over the center of the nameplate, and 2 tiny scuffs on Gil's face), but this was a total Holy Grail that, for some reason, I didn't have listed on my top wants. I think it's because I have that whole section of Dodgers right below the Top Wants or something. Anyway, I've got it now.

Newk! Only need one more of his base Topps. Thank you, Bowman-exclusive players, for not having cards in '52-'55, as it made collecting you guys WAY more affordable!

So that catches you up on everything up to '57. '58's going to be up soon, but will need an update almost as soon as I post it because there's a Duke on its way to me in the mail. '59's a monster (Thank you, dollar box at White Plains!), but I'll get crankin' on it.

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  1. Thanks. Now, to take time to appreciate all this stuff. That's always the trick, isn't it?


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