Thursday, December 8, 2011


Here he is again, folks, my scan this time...
I never see the '54 Bowman Hodges, for sale at shows or shops, on eBay (there could be some up right now, but they usually don't cross my radar), ever, so I jumped at it when this nice example showed up, and netted it for around $20.
I'm happy for Ron Santo and his friends, family and loved ones this week, as he deserved to be in the Hall, but it's bittersweet because Gil still isn't in there, and as the voting is set up right now, he won't be in for at least another 3 years (with Jim Kaat getting 1 more vote than Gil or Minnie Minoso this time out, it might not come next time around for him, either). I keep my fingers crossed, though, as all of those guys should be in the Hall already. If we're still talking about whether or not they should be in the Hall after 25 or so years, yes, they're most likely a deserving Hall of Famer.

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