Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last Packs Of 2011, And The Last Flea Market Stuff Of 2011!

First video, be kind to me on the production values.

Lindsey Buckingham's new one is called "Seeds We Sow", by the way. Had a senior moment while filming this, couldn't remember the title. Seriously, if you like Fleetwood Mac, his solo stuff or music that doesn't suck, check it out, it's kinda brilliant.


  1. I remember getting a solo Buckingham CD some years ago and it was good too. His music has a lot of energy to it. What's the story on those bats?

  2. Well, there's two, as you saw. One's a Mickey Mantle Louisville Slugger youth bat and the other's a Jackie Robinson. Originals, from their respective playing eras. Both very well loved (though the Mantle's in better shape; the Jackie has tape on it, a few gashes and some cracks). Both still really awesome. Got both for under $10. Depending on condition, from what I can tell, their bats sell for $10-30 on eBay, so it wasn't a huge bargain, but these aren't resellers anyway. I may want to be buried with the Jackie bat.


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