Monday, December 5, 2011

While I'm awake and in front of this: Topps Diamond Giveaway stuff!

Folks, even after ordering my set, my die cuts and my older cards, I've got somewhere around 390 cards on the Topps Diamond site, and surprisingly, a lot of them don't suck. It's just stuff that I've got at home already, or am not 100% convinced I need to have shipped to me. I keep trading with people, and the pile keeps building. Has this happened to any of you?

Anyway, despite how difficult it is to make a deal with someone you know unless you're right in front of the damn thing and both on instant messenger, I'm up for doing what I can for people. 130 of my cards (and I've got a few doubles in there, too) are pre-1980! I've got Pete LaCock and Dock Ellis for miles! Get ahold of me, and we'll arrange a time to get silly, if you're so inclined.

And yes, after the last round of maintenance, the site works like a charm. It's never been faster, this year or last with the MCG. Very impressive, hopefully the backend code fixes get carried over to next year's attempt at this.


  1. How about early in the morning tomorrow? I'm up all night...

  2. Pick a time, and I'll do my best. I keep odd hours too, but mine aren't consistent like yours or the Owl's. My email's in the top right corner, slide me the specifics there.


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