Monday, May 30, 2011

I needed a pick-me-up today.

How's this poor, old, beautiful bastard for that?

This card may even be more "loved" than my Munson rookie, and that's saying something.

$8.13 shipped on eBay!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Best!

I love the Bowman's Best inserts in '11 Bowman. I'll probably have to sell a kidney to get the Harper, but in the meantime, the rest of 'em look great. I wish scanners didn't have the limitations they do, so you could see how great the shine is on Hambone's shades.

King Felix actually looks his age here. In a lot of shots, I think he tries to look mean to make himself look older, but here, he looks like a kid.

It's still a little weird seeing Carl Crawford in a Sox uniform, no matter how they got him into it, but I'm glad he's showing up in products regularly in that uniform, so we can start to get used to it.

I might try and build this set. Strangely, Bowman's really good at '90s nostalgia, where the rest of popular culture kinda falls short (I loved the '92 throwbacks in last year's set, too). Are any of you as enamored with it as I am?

The Round-Up for 5/29/11: I'm gettin' there.

Here, look at El Duque! He was one hell of a weapon for those '05 Chisox.

Finally feeling up to rapid-fire posting again. Night Owl will be psyched! How's everyone doing? I'm gettin' better, finally, I think for real this time. Speaking of Night Owl, here's a few I got from him in a recent trade...

Gettin' closer to that '84 set that I have to talk to Fuji about. A rare "average" main shot of Pedro, but he salvages it by looking incredibly suave in the inset photo!

Darryl, on the other hand, looks like he's about to go wrap that bat around someones' neck. Who could it be? Roger McDowell was gone, so he didn't just get a hot foot from him (or any slurs). Opposing team, maybe? I dunno, but he looks like he's got a mean mood on. This is from a '91 Star set of him. I don't have a lot of cards from Star. They're kinda alien to me. I'll take those Jordans (as if...), Reggies and even Cansecos if you've got 'em, folks! In the meantime, thanks for the cards, Owl, and enjoy yours! I'd have posted more, but we did a bunch of Heritage and Goodwins, and I know how sick of looking at those y'all are right now.

Let's see, what else is up? Pro Debut comes out on Wednesday. Maybe I'll pull a Harper in his Hagerstown uniform. Probably not, though. Had good luck with Series One of last year, as it turns out. I was looking through those the other day and I got not one, but 2 Eric Hosmers (a base and an insert) that I didn't pay much mind to at the time, but I'm happy to have now that he's doin' some decent business for the Royals.

Week after that, we get Topps Series 2, and that feeding frenzy begins. I'm pretty amazed that I've got Series 1 and most of base Heritage done already at the end of May, and I wouldn't have been able to do that without you folks, so thanks for that. Will I keep it up? Stay tuned!

Might have a very busy birthday this year. First off is Dr. Wax's next card show in the morning, and I won BlueClaws tickets for the same day! I was thinking of trying to set up a table at the show for at least a couple of hours, but I'm still on the fence because Lakewood plays Hagerstown, and Harp's still there as of this writing, anyway. That'll probably be the deciding factor, and as it's still a new show, I will hopefully have some latitude as far as when I decide. I think it'll be fine either way.

That's it for now. More later this week, including a hopefully-on-time Player Of The Month!

2011 Upper Deck f00'ball!

What say thar, Paul Hornung in the funny leather helmet? Is it finally time for me to post again? Took me a week to get to this one after scanning, apologies for that, but as you've all heard a million times, I've been way sick since April. Thankfully, though I've now violated the MLB drug policy, I'm FINALLY getting better, knock wood, so I can bring you cards like the above gem. Ain't that the damnedest picture?

When I first heard that Upper Deck were doing football without a pro license and going with college shots of old players, I was a little (OK, a lot) skeptical, but I saw a box break on the Beckett site, and the checklist, combined with some of the shots I saw on the cards, intrigued me enough to wanna track down some singles. Lo and behold, someone at my local broke a box, kept the hits and the singles they wanted, and unloaded the rest to the store (they also did this with Heritage, Gypsy Queen and Bowman; I like this mystery person, whoever they may be), so I got to essentially go dumpster diving through someone else's box break. What else did I find? Well...


The Bo cards at what made me want to chase the stuff down in the first place. Any new Bo card is a friend of mine. I got like 3 or 4, but I'll just show you a base card, and a throwback variant (even though they're pretty similar shots):

You get a little more of that Bo Jackson "Out of the way, mortals! I'm doin' my job!" glare in this one.

I also got this sweet card of Hightower from Police Academy! (Having never seen Bubba play, this is mostly how I remember him.) He was a baby here. As you can see, to give a line or two to the actual design of the cards, they're, well, post-licensing era UD. These look like '10 baseball and hockey do, more or less. The inset photos weren't entirely necessary (they used logos on the fronts of the throwbacks and other inserts; did they only get a limited-use license or something?), and are a little '96 Topps-ish, but the main photo quality makes these worthwhile pickups, I think.

Quit loafin' over there, Rice, and go do some drills!

Some sweet mid-air Barry Sanders action. Picked up a bunch of his and John Elway's cards from this set, like 4 each, but this was the best of Barry and Elway's cards, well, they're John Elway cards. You've seen 'em, I've seen 'em, I still buy and like them, but he usually looks about the same on them. So, we'll skip poor John Elway, and finish off with a beautiful card, even if I'm positive I've seen the pic elsewhere...

Look at that awesome Flutie. Love this guy, always did. Didn't matter where he played, what country he played in, or even if he wasn't playing (I saw him one-hand a foul ball at a Sox game I watched on TV once, and even that was cool), he's always just seemed like a nice, cool guy and a great athlete.

Good to be makin' my way back, folks. So, did any of you pick up these cards?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Round-Up For 05/22/11!

Have you guys seen these yet? (dayf posted about this card, so chances are, you have.) This is the first card in Topps' HTA store freebie card set for this year. I LOVE this design. They're up to week 6 so far, but I've gotten the impression that most shops that do these promotions have plenty, and that no one really knows the promotion's actually happening this year, so you should be able to catch up pretty easily.

As I've mentioned every time I've posted for the past 2 months, just about, I've been sick with bronchitis. It's easing up, very gradually, but what a pain in the ass. Totally knocked the wind out of my sails. Have a bunch of catching up to do on the posting front (and I'm a little late with one package; Trey, if you're reading this, it's sealed up, addressed, and it goes out Monday morning), so I'll try to cover some of the quick stuff here rather than giving you a late night 100 post special like Night Owl is so fond of me doing.

Peek-a-Boo, Manny! (Don't worry, the drug testers left. You can come out now.) As you can see, I actually managed to get ahold of a little bit of Bowman (a retail rack and a retail single pack. No ZOMG HARPER yet. Tried to get more Bowmans today, but the Target near where I am was cleaned out of everything Bowman. Blasters, racks, singles? GONE. I'm sorry, but kids and casual collectors did not do that, no matter how hot Mr. Future Of Our Sport is. Hey, dealers/scalpers/magazine editors, knock it off, eh? Anyway, I got a few cards from the packs I got that I wanted (not Manny, but this is a silly pic so I'll keep it), but nothing super-special. I did, however, get the next "CAPTION THIS CARD!" subject, which you'll see eventually, and some bait for the Braves fans in the audience:

Up for grabs!

Speaking of "up for grabs", this bronze CC was in the one pack of Gypsy Queen retail I've managed to buy in a month of the product being out. It's #434/999, and available for trade.

I got a Morneau mini in that one, too, but that's a keeper. Plus...'s one of them weirdo variations with the fortune teller broad on it! Anyone have an idea of how often these backs show up?

On the subject of minis, I'm strongly considering bailing on all but the minis of the players I actually collect (and the Ginter non-ballplayers). I'm never, ever going to put together an '07 Ginter mini set (just to cite an example). I'll finish Kimball, since I'm close on that, and I'll probably hang onto Goodwin and Obak, since those are short mini sets, but you may have a shot at some Ginter and 206 minis fairly soon. Stay tuned!

I'm not doing a Trade Bait Draft. It'd drive me nuts to set up, put me in the hole too far, and I think SpastikMooss has another one coming up, so let's leave that jazz to him. I'm actually strongly considering ditching updates on my trade list, because it's so out of date. My trade stash is in order and I can find stuff for you guys, but keeping an active tally on how many 1987 Topps Rafael Palmeiros I have, well, that's kind of exhausting to keep thinking about. Want list? That'll stay updated, even as it refines itself a little, but the trade list may die screaming soon.

Hey, look! Carl Crawford's running really fast! And he's shiny! Yep, still collecting these. Get in touch if you've got 'em for trade.

This is an oddball that I got either at the flea market or one of the May card shows. (Seriously, stuff's been a blur.) I thought it looked weird, and I was right...

Yep, that's the back. From some poking around, I found out that it's a promo card for the '83 set, and even cooler, it's one with an unused design for the leaders card that features two of my guys, Reggie and Gorman!

That's what I've got for right this second. I should be doing a little piece on '11 Upper Deck Football (No joke! Have other people been writing about it? I've seen it nowhere but Beckett...) within the next day or so. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Some Random Boggs In The Mail!

It's taken me forever to get around to scanning anything lately, because of the damned bronchitis. Hangin' in there forever. Anyway, about a week or two ago, I got an unexpected envelope from Ryan over at This Card Is Cool. We'd completed a trade recently, so I had no idea what this package had in store for me. As you can see, Ryan's hooked me up with not one, but 2 cards I needed of my Player Of The Month, Wade Boggs, just for the sake of doing so! (As an aside, I really wish finances allowed me to do this sort of thing way more often at the moment.)

Huge thanks, Ryan! Boggs is always welcome here!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

So, about that Harper guy...

As a bunch of you know, I was at the BlueClaws game on Friday night, and saw Bryce Harper play in person, in his first local appearance. Here's some of what I saw. Apologies for the not-great pics, but the camera on my cheap-ass phone does not have a zoom. Oh, and before anyone sasses me about the timing of this pic, I waited until the kids singing the anthem finished the word "brave" before I snapped it. Harper's #34 (if you didn't know already), 2nd from the end on the right.

And here's Harp on deck.

The only (blurry) shot I got of him at the plate, late in the game right before he flied out to center, if I'm remembering correctly.

Almost definitely the only peace and quiet this kid gets right now.

So, how'd he do? His line on the 4 game series so far isn't great, but isn't bad, either. 3-12 with a walk, a few strikeouts, a caught stealing, a game-winning solo HR yesterday and a run scored today. His hitting streak ended at 18 today, but he did get on base and score (the walk mentioned above). To my slightly untrained eye, it looked like he was pressing a little Friday night, not because of the streak, but because Lakewood got the best of him in their first meeting, and because I think he takes the Phils/Nats rivalry seriously even at this level, which is pretty cool. 

His one hit in Friday's game was a really weak bouncer in front of home plate that barely cleared the dirt, but he was UNBELIEVABLY fast down the line to first, and beat it out despite ample coverage on the play. I'd put his time to first, on at least that play, in the same league as guys like Ichiro and Bobby Abreu (who was damn near impossible to get out on a grounder for years; not sure how he's doing this year).

The caught stealing came in a situation where his team had a 4 run lead, and it looked like he was trying to get his teammates a look at Biddle's pickoff move. He didn't look like he was asleep at the wheel or inexperienced there. I could be reading into things too much, but it had this feeling of purpose to it; smart, unselfish team baseball, helping out guys he might not even be playing with for much longer. 

The other thing that really impressed me about him was his arm. Now, I've seen guys like Winfield, Sheffield and Vlad (in his prime) who had CRAZY right field arms, absolute cannons. Harper's throwing style is very different than theirs, as he doesn't get as much height with his throws (it almost looks like he's pitching when he throws, in terms of height of throw), but he throws HARD and is unbelievably accurate. I saw what was literally the best cut-off throw I've ever seen in my life on Friday, absolutely perfect, out of Bryce Harper, and he's only been playing the position full-time for a few months.

I don't know how many people saw all the things I saw, but they definitely were there, and I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing how he progresses, provided that the superstar attention doesn't drive him nuts first. Yep, the autograph seekers were INSANE at the game. Probably two hundred people, a hundred at each end of the dugout, pre-game, and another hundred waiting by the clubhouse door 90 minutes after the game (the BlueClaws had to sneak him out another door to the bus, because there was just no way the team would've made curfew if he'd stopped to sign for anyone). To his credit, he signed for a LOT of people pre-game, and made a point to try and get autos to as many kids as possible. I didn't have any luck, but I saw a few signatures on baseballs and such, and they looked great, nice and clean, lots of attention to detail.

Anyway, that's my report on "The Chosen One". Have any of you seen him play yet, and if so, how did my experience compare to yours?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm not going to bomb you guys out with Heritage scans...

...but I will give HUGE thanks to Ted over at Crinkly Wrappers for bombing me out with Heritage cards this week! He sent me a huge chunk of heavy brown, woodgrained cardboard, "the bulk of the series", as Walter Sobchak might say. He also threw in some more '11 Topps inserts I needed, and the '88 Score Bill Doran that was missing from the set I got last week. (Hope the card guy at the flea market doesn't go too nuts looking for that.)

Ted, seriously, hit my trade list and give it whatfor, man.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

CARDSHOWPOCALYPSE Report Part III: Finally, Some Cards!

OK, here's the stuff you were all waiting for whilst slogging through parts I and II. Yes, that's right. It's time for a huge post containing mostly cards with minimal descriptions! To put the weekend in perspective before we start, in terms of numbers, I got 123 cards for $27 (I wanted to rein it in more,!), including my $2 worth of admission fees, and those cards included at least one card from each of the past 7 decades (50's-'10s). Without any further ado, and going by decade, let's look at some cards!


1956 Billy Loes! $3 for a '56 Topps Bum! Nice front on this one, minor paper loss on the back, as you can see here...

Are you bothered by that? I'm sure not. If I really want to read the comic, I can find a scan of it online.


'63 Topps Bo Belinsky! w00000! Been after this one for a while, and a nice pickoff from my Top 20! Only base Topps Angels card of Bo I need now is '62, which is his rookie card, a high number, and it's also the rookie card of some guy who wrote a book, so unless I get really lucky, that one's probably gonna be a while.

'67 Topps George Altman! Great card, even if it is a double (and is available for trade), and it was in the dime box.

1970s (where I did a lot of my better work):

'71 Topps Tim Foli! This one was also in the dime box (or the "100 for $7" box; yep, I gutted out 100 cards from it), and I needed it for my still in the larva stage 1971 set.

'72 Topps Billy Williams In Action! Again, straight from the dime box! I got 4 or 5 '72s that I needed there, nothing high-number, but every little bit counts.

Beaten-up but still needed '74 Frank Robinson! Again, dime box! I'll probably end up replacing this one in my '74 set/my Frank Robinson collection eventually, but for 7 cents, you don't leave this one sitting there.

Look at my Dick! Er. Look at my 1974 Dick Allen! Those are some mean glasses. Also from the dime box. I got a few other '74s from the dime box, but these two were the highlights.

'75 Gorman Thomas! This was my first purchase on Sunday. Off-center, totally overpaid for it (a buck), don't care. I did well enough over the course of the two shows for this to average itself out, plus it helped the local economy at the East Dover show.

'76 Oscar, with the sweet half-afro ear flap action! Take that, Coco! Dime box, again.

"Dude, why is he posting a checklist card?" Because I got a clean, complete set of '76 checklists in the dime box! I'll be really glad I did this in about 20 years.

Holy crap, lookit all da Bums! This is from the '76 SSPC set (which I own), was in the dime box, and yes, it's available for trade!

The Bird is clearly The Word! What's John Denny smirking about here, though? Dime box.

Pourin' a 40 on the ground for the Mitchell Page that ain't around. Dime box.

Got a couple clean '78 checklists, too!


How did I not have a copy of '80 Topps Garvey? Dime box cured that.

Supahstah! According to this post, by way of the SCD catalog, these 1980 Superstar cards were manufactured by Card Collector's Closet in Springfield, MA. I've seen them a bunch on eBay lately, but never in person and they were also in the dime box, so I had to grab The Babe... well as the Say Hey Kid!

Willie Wilson, on Coke! (Cards.) I got a Jim Rice one of these, too. Yep, dime box, like all but 11 of the cards I got at the Sunday shows.

Satchel wasn't a dime, but who cares? It's Satchel friggin' Paige! I'm working hard at finishing my Cramer (later Pacific) Baseball Legends sets, too, so this and the Joe McCarthy I scored were welcome finds. I need 10 more base cards and the 4 card box bottom panel (either in panel form or as trimmed cards) from Series 4 to finish up, and if you're working on your own set, I've got plenty of doubles to help you finish yours! Get in touch, and look for a Set Showcase on this set soon!

In addition to the priceless expression on Willie McGee's face, this card is also notable as a rookie card that should've been the 4th of the "Big Three" rookies from '83 (Gwynn, Boggs and Sandberg). At one point in time, McGee's cards were a pretty big deal too, but they faded as he turned out to "just" be a very good big league player and not a Hall of Famer. Willie was kinda like the Rowland Office of the '80s and early '90s, which is what I think a lot of folks remember him for, but he was a damn good ballplayer in his day, too.

MOAR KONG! I got an '83 Fleer of his, too, but the pics were near identical, so I decided to feature this one instead. Got a few '84 Donruss I needed from the dime box, and while I need to do a little more research so I can play "spot the counterfeit" effectively (suggestions on where to look are welcome), I've got a line on the big fish from this set at a reasonable price, too. Stay tuned.

You just can't argue with a Mookie Wilson Drake's Cakes card. I got a bunch of oddball '80s food issue stuff out of the dime box, which made me happy as I love that stuff, but Mookie (in quotes, no less) is my favorite of the bunch.

It was a pretty big shocker to find this in a dime box, but there it was. It's a double, and available for trade. (Wow.)

Can't have Doc without Darryl nearby, can you? I also love '80s Glossy All-Stars, and I got this one and an '84 Yount. On the Darryl front, an '85 Fleer and an '87 Burger King card were also snagged!

"Don't look at me. I didn't do it." Yes, you totally did, Reggie. Great shot, though, eh?

w000000000, Tino minor league card! Yep, dime box! This is awesome.


Speaking of minor league cards, this gentleman's career didn't work out as well, as Tino's, nor did the career of Hal Morris, who I found from the same set. Hal put together more decent playing time than Maas did, but neither quite lived up to their advance billing. Cool cards though, both.

OH SNAPS YOU JUST GOT BIPPED!!!!111 This one served a triple purpose: 1. good for Bipping the readership 2. I collect Bip's cards and 3. I LOVE '93 Flair. Probably going to find a cheap set well before I manage to build it, but I'm still trying in the meantime. Flair kinda lost the plot after the first year in my view, but this first year was absolutely gorgeous.

"Yo, Bernie!" I really need more '97 Topps cards.

This thing is just awesomely ridiculous.

Paulie! I got a nice little stash of '99 Gold Label Yankees at the first show. Another set I love. I'm working on the other Gold Label sets too, but '99 is the best, I think.

Fleer Brilliants are growing on me, too, even if it's clear abuse of the Radial Blur filter in Photoshop. I got a lot of El Duques this past weekend, and it was good.


For some reason, I didn't scan any of the '00s cards I got on Sunday, though there were a few 2000 Fleer Tradition cards (Thome, Baines and Chuck Finley) acquired. So, in lieu of those, I present to you, once again...



Ha, I even got a Gypsy Queen card! One. Behold, The Strasburgular!

So, yeah, that was about a quarter of what I brought home. I'll probably hear crap for not fighting with tagging all the players in this post, but there are a bunch of names, and only 200 characters, so screw it. Hope you enjoyed!