Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Semi-Annual Check Out My Cards Order Post

So, last week-ish, Check Out My Cards had one of their bulk shipping sales that they have about twice a year, so I got in on that. Just as I was about to, the Grand Cards dude (sorry, senile, totally blanking on your name) posted on Twitter that he miscalculated his Check Out My Cards credit, and was just short of being able to fulfill his order, so I started my order off by getting a few nice, cheap cards from his account and helping him get things off the ground...

I don't buy a lot of non-Islander hockey cards, but I'll rarely if ever pass on a cheap Gretzky. This was the first of two Upper Deck National VIP cards I got from the Grand Cards feller...

...and this Flacco card was the other one. Can Ray Lewis retire already, so I can root for Flacco and Ray Rice without second-guessing myself? Anyway, these cards brought Grand Cards up to snuff, and I hope they enjoyed their order as much as I enjoyed mine. From here, I moved onto the rest of the fun stuff I'd been eyeballing...

Ronnie Brown rookie! For a quarter! Weirdest thing: for pretty much my entire life, I've had an irrational hatred of the Dolphins. Well, kinda rational when Shula and Marino were there, but it went beyond that. Their uniforms pissed me off, the fact that the dolphin wouldn't be able to breathe through the football helmet pissed me off, you name it. Anyway, Ronnie Brown comes along with his fancy Wildcatting and his AWESOME bubble gum cards (seriously, the man knows how to be awesome on a trading card) and despite his being a Dolphin, it's impossible for me not to love the guy. Hopefully there'll be a f00'ball season this year, and I'll get to see more of his hi-jinks and the cards which capture them so well.

Speaking of ballplayers I just dig, Rick Cerone's one. He came to the Yanks the year after Thurman Munson died (November trade, actually), and he had a great year that helped people feel a little better. He never equalled it, mind you, but I always had fun watching him try, and he hung around for a good while, putting in 3 tours of duty with the Yankees, playing for the Mets and all kinds of other teams in between, and showing up in Topps Traded just about every season for a pretty long stretch there. After he finished playing, he helped found the current incarnation of the Newark Bears, which was also pretty cool of him. This '78 card (his first solo Topps card; he appeared on the Dale Murphy rookie the year before, and also in the '76 SSPC set the year before that) completed my run of his base Topps cards, and I was having a heck of a time finding it before my order.

Hey, it's Kong! This Dave Kingman completed his base Topps run for me, too. Kong's been all over the news this past week, courtesy of this interview and of this response to it by rat recipient Susan Fornoff. I generally have a hard time being a fan of anyone who acts like a jerk, and Kong definitely did on that day (and probably a few others), but for some reason, despite that, he's too interesting a character for me to look at him the same way I do Keith Hernandez, for instance. I'd really like to get to the bottom of what the difference is there, and maybe I will eventually, but in the meantime, I'll keep collecting his cards and thinking about what an odd dude he was.

Another completion of sorts, as this Straw is the last base rookie card I needed of his. I still need his '83 Topps Traded rookie, but I'll grab that with the rest of the set eventually. This one goes for a lot less than the '84 Mattingly, most likely because Mattingly didn't have the sorts of problems Darryl did, but I had a much harder time tracking it down without Internet help.

A near-completion here, as I only need Catfish's rookie card to have all of his base Topps cards. He had pretty swell hair here.

Stunningly enough, after a binge purchase involving the '59 card later in the week, I only need one more base Topps Carl Furillo card (the '58) to be complete on those. As I said recently, Carl Furillo was sort of like a mythical creature whose cards never appeared affordable until a few short months ago. Now, I've got 4 base Topps, 2 base Bowman and the '57 Dodgers Sluggers card. What a country!

Hey, another (former) Bum! Love this Newk in his Reds duds, and damn it, I think '60 Topps is finally growing on me. One more card to go (though honorable mention goes to the Seattle Pilots cards I didn't scan, as I'm with 1 of having all the base Topps Pilots cards now)...ready for it? Here it is...


It's a miscut that makes it look like one of them funny European TVs, but that aside, do not attempt to adjust your TV sets, this is a '55 Bowman Gil Hodges card that I got for $5.50. Awesome. My '55 Bowman Bums are in serious danger of catching up to the '56 Topps Bums. It still amazes me that I have any original Brooklyn Dodgers cards, much less a couple Gil Hodges and a whole mess of Carl Furillos.

So, that's my story. 
What'd the rest of you load up on while COMC had the sale?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Round-Up for 06/26/11: Live Chat, Flea Market Finds, Binge Dividends and more!

Busybusybusy. I have been too busy running errands, collating cards, hosting a live chat (see below) and trying to put together a deal or two to do any writing here! Without scanning a million cards, let me try to sum up and give you a peek at what I've been up to.

I got these mysterious cards (and 40 of their set cohorts) over the past week. I'll be talking about them a bunch soon.

I've been spending way too much time on the Diamond Giveaway site. Portfolio's up to something like 54 cards (nothing I'd have them send me so far, but close), from 14 codes. Trades have stalled a little over the weekend, but I've got time to deal. As an aside, check out the 'fro on Tim Hosley! The green and gold really brings it out, doesn't it? I wish that card had been in the '78 Topps lot I splurged on for the birthday. 323 cards, 290 of which I needed (I'll be giving them a much closer look once I have scanner time), but no Tim Hosley.

Probably made in Photoshop and printed on a home inkjet, but it's a fun card, so I don't care where it came from. This was part of the recent birthday binge as well, finally grabbed one off eBay for more than I should've paid but less than these things usually go for.

Remember this guy? He showed up this week, too. Really nice specimen with flat, clean cardboard. Cut's not picture perfect, but I paid $4 (shipped), it's older than his '63 Fleer card, and it's a card that survived being part of a cereal box, being cut from said cereal box by overzealous kids, and the general wear and tear of the world for 49 years. I'm pretty psyched to own it.

Oh, this happened yesterday, too. Aaron's a little dinged, but I got both of 'em for $7.50 with free shipping. How is that even possible? That's almost like getting a beaten-up copy of a '71 Topps Dusty Baker/Don Baylor rookie for 50 cents at a flea market! 

Yeah, that happened, too. When I've got scanning time and typing time, I'll talk about this weekend's flea market adventures, both good (the Baylor/Baker rookie and a near-complete '76 SSPC set for $10; don't worry, it's just missing 3 commons) and bad (I'm not quite ready to talk about the "bad" yet, but it involved me attempting to exercise some financial restraint, so be proud of me while you're busy cringing later). I'm headed back out there as soon as I'm done typing this up, so maybe I'll turn it around, and on less money, to boot.

I had a blast hanging out at the second Trade Bait Draft the other night. Took in the pre-game and first few rounds, then the last few. SpastikMooss is getting to be an old hand at this, there was some great conversation and seeing who'd pick what was fun stuff.

While I won't be doing a Trade Bait Draft of my own any time soon (my buying habits just don't bring me into contact with enough "hits" to justify it for most of the interested parties, truthfully), I will be doing a repeat performance of what I busted out a few days ago. Tuesday evening, at 9 PM Eastern Time, you are all invited to join me for live chat on my trade list! Our first try went pretty well, with visits from Nathan, Ted and Mark (who actually stopped by again the next night and helped me figure out how keep you all from showing up as "Anonymous User 7" or whatever), and I announced the chat at the end of the draft, so hopefully we'll see a bunch of faces! Stop by, trade with me, trade with each other, shoot the breeze, it'll be a gas.

Off to the market again! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"...one more thing."

Yesterday, I killed the Google ads, probably for good this time.

Way I see it, I was providing way more value to Google than they were to me.

If you wanna help this site out in other ways, comment, link to me, trade with me, that sorta thing. I may add a donation box too, as they've been good to me on my other sites over the years, but I may not. We'll see.

For now, though, enjoy the ad-free interface, which is brought to you (See how I did that?) by Bill Hicks.

The Round-Up for 6/21/11: Text-Only, Good News/Bad News Edition!

Yep, this means that I don't feel like scanning things today. Lots to discuss though, so I wanted to talk to y'all anyway. We're gonna do some good news/bad news stuff here.

The good news: I'm closing in on and completing a bunch of sets and collecting goals, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without you guys and gals. Thanks! I need 3 cards (380, 587 and 660, which I got as a sparkle variation yesterday, but still don't have a base card of!) to finish Series 2. I need one more base Topps Seattle Pilot ('69 Pilots Rookies, #394) to finish the base Pilots collection. I'm 16 away from finishing base Heritage, 15 from finishing my '81 Topps set (see my sidebar or want list for updated lists of what I need on each of these), I finished '84 Topps, I made huge strides on '80, '82 and '83 Topps, I've got a bunch of '78s coming later this week that may put a good-sized dent in that set, and Bo and I have another monster deal in the works for a full set and a few near-completes. Also, I've gotten a few long-time wants, a mess of Brooklyn Dodgers, that sorta thing. Starting this site has done exactly what I'd hoped it'd do on many of these fronts, and it's been fun shootin' the breeze with everyone while I've been doing it, too.

The bad news: I've been on another binge. It's birthday-related, but I really gotta rein it in by the end of this month. Like, to the point where I want y'all to yell at me if you see me buying any one item over $10 on eBay and the like or something like two or three $5 items in a week, starting July 1st. It's ultimately my responsibility to hold it together, but friends help each other out on that front, too. Feel free to ask me to yell at you too, if you find yourself begging for change outside of Target for your next blaster.

The good news: Ginter, Update Obak and (if I can actually get any) Goodwin are the only new sets I'd be really interested in building for the rest of the year. The rest, I can do my usual "grab the players I collect and the interesting ones from singles piles, maybe a few packs if something really piques my interest" deal on. Are any of you planning on buying Goodwin, by the way? Let me know.

The bad news: this is going to put a cramp in my style where getting to 45 rings on Diamond Giveaway is concerned. I'm not lookin' for Mickey. If I get 'em, great. The ring would bring in some cash, certainly, and if I got the Mantle ring, I'd pretty much have to go for the rest of the set, but it's nothing I'd keep or cry over if I didn't get one. I would like that Anniversary set, though, if it's confirmed that it's a shiny factory set. If it's not a shiny set (I haven't been able to get an answer out of Topps just yet), easy come, easy go, but it'd be REALLY cool to line one of those up if so, and as expensive as getting 31 more codes would be, it'd beat the hell out of tracking down 600 more shiny cards.

The good news: I have managed to turn 14 cards on Diamond Giveaway into 44 so far, and they haven't all sucked! I even managed to trade a 1992 Topps Brian Bohanon! (Sure, I traded it for an '87 Andre Dawson, but still!) My goal is to have all the cards left over from the MCG by the end of this thing, I think.

The bad news: it's pretty hard to trade blindly, as is the way of things on the Diamond Giveaway site. If I post screenshots of my holdings, would any of you be willing to hop on your instant messenger of choice to confirm that we're pulling the trigger on a deal at the same time for stuff you're interested in?

The good news: all these thoughts about trading, combined with my finally updating the trade list and my needing to cut back on boredom-induced trips to eBay/COMC/Sportlots/Target, has me thinking about trades again. Folks, consider the floodgates open, and if we had a trade a few months back that sorta stalled, know that I've still got the cards you were interested in on my trade shelf waiting for you, so get in touch!

The bad news: it's not always easy to track y'all down. We've all got busy lives, in some way or another, so it's tough to hash these trades and such out.

The good news: I'm trying something out again tonight, in an attempt to remedy this. Stop by my trade list around 9 PM Eastern Time, and hang out. I'll be opening the chat window as soon as I see you. We can talk trades, cards, or whatever.

That's it for now. More stuff tomorrow, including pictures of actual cards!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

And now...a Post.

Older than his '63 Fleer, which I'm having a real hard time tracking down for less than a small fortune..

Decent enough cut.

The first vintage Post of my adult life (as I mentioned on the changelog of my want list, I had one or two as a kid, but I've no idea where they ended up.)

$4 shipped, baby.

Friday, June 17, 2011

On my birthday proper...

I was at my local, looking through the Series 2 singles to see what they had from my wants, and Brenda (who works at the card counter with the aforementioned Bob) walked up to me and handed me a wrapped present. I thanked her, but being an old fart and being in the middle of some serious checklisting, I waited until I was done gathering all the cards I needed before opening it. When I did, I realized what an amazingly hilarious mistake this was (and what a really generous gift; thanks again, Brenda!), as the package contained 2 jumbo Series 2 packs! Oh, how I laughed, as I had to ferret out 40 or so cards from my existing card pile. Anyway, here's the non-base card highlights from the gift packs...

Hey, it's one of them Prime 9 cards! Hopefully, I'll actually remember to redeem it.

Don Mattingly: The Lord Of The Dance.

Well, if I had to get a manupatch, I can think of much worse ones to get than Frank Robinson. I'm still not in love with the concept, but this is a good looking, well-executed card.

And, finally...


Brenda can pick out some packs, can't she?

Before I left, I also snagged this beaut of shiny Murph from the inserts box. I probably won't get many more of the short-print legend variations from Shinyland, but this is a good 'un. Say, how many people out there are still working on building a shiny set, anyway, and how close are y'all?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

East Dover Card Show III: This Time, It's Personal

So, on Sunday, Dr. Wax had another card show in beautiful Toms River, NJ, and I was actually OK on cash for once, being that I got a little for my birthday (which was the same day as the show, in fact), so I got to have a little more fun than usual at the show. Here's what I did to myself...

dayf was talking recently about how price guides brainwashed us to believe we'd never own fine cards like this Garvey rookie. In fact, I got this one...

...and this one for a little more than I'd have paid for a blaster, total. As you can see, while it's got a little of the usual '71 abuse on the corners (but not marker-enhanced; some card I got recently was, so I know what to look for now, but it wasn't a card that was promised to me in great shape or expensive so it's all good), the Garvey's in friggin' great shape, especially considering that the seller got it at a garage sale (along with 2 others that were close to as decent) a few weekends prior. The Molitor/Trammell (and 2 of its buddies) were found at the same sale. For some reason that escapes me, neither of these cards were on my top wants, but I'm damn glad to have 'em, especially for what I paid.

I got my man Knowshon's rookie for a buck at the same table. The Broncos seem to be at odds with Knowshon, or skeptical of his ability to be a feature back, but they also thought Payton Hillis was a scrub. Clearly, they need to get a little better at evaluating talent, because if they underestimate Knowshon, it will bite them in the ass.

MOJO! MOJO! (I keed, I keed.) Also a buck, picked this and another Best prospect up from the same dealer because I'm building the Best sets.

Told ya I'd been having some Bash Brothers action lately. This is a decent Canseco card as they go (I kinda tapped out on my interest in building a player collection of his sometime between when I got the last rookie card I needed and the night when he got wasted and started begging Lady Gaga to marry him on Twitter), but mostly, I'm building glossy All-Star sets and this was a card I needed.

Ditto for this Studio Heritage card. These bastards are way harder to find than one would expect, probably because dealers never think to bring them to shows or put them out for sale at shops.

Last card for the day, for now, anyway. (I also won some 23k gold Mark McGwire "commemorative" card that Fleer put out, numbered to like 5 billion, still in the package, but I haven't scanned it or taken a picture of it yet, but enough about Mark. Friggin' Gil Hodges is in front of us!) This is a quality shot of the manager of the World Champion 1969 Mets. I seem to be working backward on my Hodges collection, trying to meet up with my '57 Topps card. The '60s shouldn't be that hard to finish, but after that, his cards take on that mythical air, even the cheap ones. I got slaughtered on eBay recently in the last 10 seconds of 2 1956 Hodges auctions, so I know this all too well. Still, another Hodges down!

Oh, and while I was too heavily invested in eating it to take a picture, I got a Johnny G's meatball sub this time! Highly recommended, if you're in the Toms River, NJ area (whether you're at a Dr. Wax show or not!). Some folks might cringe a little at a meatball sandwich for breakfast, but it gets great marks from me. 

Finally, I missed meeting Sooz from A Cardboard Problem and Chris from Stale Gum by minutes. Rats! One of these days, I need to set up a table at the show, so I'm more inclined to stay put after I've run the gauntlet of all the tables. Love the vibe at the shows, great shows to hang around and shoot the shit at, but I always end up leaving before Noon for some reason.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

People send me stuff: Mark Z.!

(See if you can guess the answers to any of these. No cheating!)

So, Fuji and I were talking on Facebook about finishing '84 Topps, and his friend Mark Z. chimed in, saying he had a few cards for me. We started talking, and he said he'd send 'em along with some other want list stuff, "send whatever you think is fair, whenever you get to it". OK, I can handle that. The package arrived over the weekend, and in it were some '84s I needed (you've all seen 1984 Topps cards, right? Good.), Joe Morgan and John Denny Fun Foods pins (they're a pain to scan and I'm too tired to photograph them), the above Trivial Pursuit card (I think Mark uses these as a dual packing material/calling card solution), and the following 3 cards which help me get closer to set-building goals, but are of a guy I don't usually seek out to buy...

Remember him? Nah, me neither. In all seriousness, there was a time when he was the man, and again, every card like this is a card toward a goal (in this case, '89 Topps glossy All-Stars; interestingly, I got a very similar card at the show this past weekend).

Man, I love EX cards. I got hooked on them when I got a good-sized handful spanning a few years in a box lot some years ago. This one, as you can see, has a little scratch on the red right hand part of the card, but still, awesome. 

And here's one from '01 Leaf Rookies & Stars, another set I got hooked on after getting a bunch in the lot I got the EX cards in. I don't run into a lot of these, either, so it's gonna take some doing to build the set.

You probably won't see me post about a lot of deals that involve 3 Mark McGwire cards, so if you're a fan, bask in it! I was pretty happy to get them, all baggage aside (and the fact that they were pulled from my want list shows that someone really, really hunted on that want list for stuff I need), so thanks, Mark!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some dime box stuff from last week...

When I arrived at my local last Wednesday, I found, to my dismay, that the Series 2 hobby boxes had not arrived yet. Thankfully, Bob was putting together grab bags at the time, and when he does that, he lets me look through the boxes a bit and grab some stuff at dime box prices. He was especially willing to do this on Wednesday because I found a bunch of Upper Deck Jeter rookies lurking in the grab bag boxes that shouldn't have been there. Anyway, here's a few highlights (out of the ton of stuff I got; lots of cool finds, but these are the best), before we get to all the weekend fun.

Gator! I didn't even know this card of him, as a pitching coach, existed. It's from the '07 Topps Yankees team set package. I don't think it was in the regular '07 set. Gator's good people, met him in Cooperstown a few years ago when we were both there to see Goose get inducted. Yanks never should've replaced him with Eiland.

I also got another Yankee can't-miss pitching prospect from the box. This may be my first Action Packed card ever. Don't worry, it's not trimmed. It's just impossible to get a good-looking image of Action Packed cards without including whitespace outside of the card, and ah hates doin' that. This is from the '94 set, and it mentions Brien's infamous injury extensively on the back.

A jolly good Oil Can from his Expos days. Looks like he might've been rockin' the Jheri curl under the hat.

Pokey! A little Classic minor league action. Doesn't he look like he's dancing with Navin Johnson's family in the opening and ending sequences of "The Jerk" here? I miss Pokey, good player. Tempting to start a bona fide player collection of 'em.

The Round-Up for 06/14/11!

'Sup, Wally? Got this one via eBay at the end of last week!

I've been a slack-ass poster lately, but a few things of note have happened since last I wrote:

1. Barring any unforeseen complications on my Sportlots order, 1984 Topps will be complete within about a week! Thanks to Mark Z., Fuji, Night Owl, Bo (who provided the lion's share of the missing cards) and everyone else who helped me make this happen! It's odd, because, even though I had the Mattingly and the Strawberry, along with other keys like Ryan and Ripken, '84 Topps seemed insurmountable. Maybe it's because I didn't buy any when they came out, I dunno. Next stop on the old Topps set parade: '81 (28 to go there, list on the sidebar). After that, I'll see where I'm at. May as well just keep crackin' on the sets!

2. As you may have seen from the sidebar, I'm within 50 cards of finishing '11 Topps Series 2 base. I've got some doubles, too, if you need anything. I'd love to wrap this one up within the month of June. I've also got a cool pack ripping story coming up later in the week, when I'm awake.

3. Another Dr. Wax card show happened this weekend. I'll be posting about it later this week, when I'm awake. Got some good stuff.

4.  I saw Bryce Harper play the BlueClaws again on Sunday. Dude scored 2 runs without getting a hit (walk and a HBP put him on). He's got some wheels on 'em. No autos this time either (he didn't sign for anyone, pre-game), but from what I saw, there's a good reason for that. A LOT of the same faces as last time, trying to bum an auto off the kid to (probably) put on eBay, crowding out just about everyone else. Guys, how about letting someone else, particularly some kids, get some ink? Granted, I'm no kid, but I'm also not a professional autograph seller. To Harp's credit, before everyone rides him for signing for nobody, when he came in from the field after catching the last out in an early inning, he threw a ball to a youngster who was sitting above the dugout.

5. My trade list has been sitting here mocking me for about 2 months. It needs updating, badly. People have suggested that my neglecting of the trade list updates makes the baby Jeebus cry. I agree, but man, am I burnt out on doing lists like that. It's tough when you buy a bunch of big (for me) lots of mixed stuff in a short period of time. I'm sure you sympathize. No? Well, the heck with ye, then. I'll try to get to it soon.

OK, that's it for this morning. More later, probably after a nap.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Topps Ringside Card Of The Month: #46 Ruby Goldstein

No card last month, because I just couldn't find the right card at the right price. This one was about $4 shipped on eBay last week (most likely because the picture of it was pretty distant and blurry). As you can see, definite creasing on the bottom third of the card, but the rest is really pretty great, and it's actually still got some gloss to it. As for Ruby Goldstein's story? Let's go to the card back!

Ha, a tie-in to my last card, Jersey Joe! Goldstein (who had an amazing nickname, "The Jewel Of The Ghetto"!) had quite a long, noteworthy, and at times controversial career as a ref after this card was printed. There's a bunch more about it over at Wikipedia, and it's a great read.

Three cards down, a ton to go. In some interesting Ringside news, a complete set sold on eBay for $800 this week. Not sure how the condition was on all the cards, but man, that would've been an awesome way to pick off this set.

Rapid-Fire Post Day Continues: The Bums Are Here!



Yep, this one definitely gives the Munson rookie a run for its money, though I think the Munson edges it just slightly in sheer beaten-up-ness. I really wish there was a way to convey the tactile sensation of holding a card over the 'net, because this card's like nothin' else. It almost feels like felt, and like the Munson, you get this feeling holding it that it's going to just disintegrate in your hands. It's incredibly soft, incredibly worn, and the crease separating Furillo and Hodges like a lightning bolt was definitely used for a ton of flipping, if not some serious duty in some spokes. (I've still never seen a card that I can confirm was on spokes duty. Anyone got a scan?) 

This card seriously looks and feels like it went to 'Nam with someone and came back.

I love it.

Did I mention that the seller threw a buck in the envelope because they'd overcharged for shipping?

2011 Topps Series 2

OK, time to get this over with before I move onto the interesting stuff. (I keed, I keed.)

I was at Target yesterday as their card guy was stocking Series 2 and restocking some other things, so I grabbed two of the first rack packs he put on the shelves!

"HOORAY THE NEW CARDS ARE HERE THE NEW CARDS ARE HERE oh and I threw another no-hitter"

"That's right, we bad." King Felix's jersey looks HUUUUUGE in this pic.

A little J-Hey for you Bravos fans in the audience.

...and this is the guy the Royals don't usually play in the outfield. Man.

w00 49 more inserts for me to chase when I'm not done with Series 1 yet!

48! This is a really nice card of Brooksie.

This shiny bugger of Doc is a new insert called "Diamond Stars", and like most of the shiny of this nature, it doesn't scan as well as it looks in person. Not in love with it, but I'll get the ones of the guys I collect. Inserts in each rack pack were collated identically, by the way: 1 Diamond Anniversary, 1 Diamond Stars, 1 Diamond Giveaway code card, 1 Kimball, 1 Topps 60, 1 reprint card and 1 Diamond Duos. I dunno if it's a thing with Series 2 (or if it was one with Series 1), but if so, I like it. Helps to have a good idea of what you'll be getting, going in.

To get off the subject for a second, from talking to the card rep about the state of a few stores, people need to get a grip in NJ. In his stores, Gypsy Queen and especially Bowman got absolutely mauled by hoarders and dealers looking to scalp retail packs. Apparently, no one remembers 1988. Anyway, back to happy card news!

To finish off for today's batch, this is a card we're going to remember for a long time. Classic action shot. I've seen it posted at least one other place so far, but it's for good reason. I made it nice and big, so enjoy!

People send me stuff!

I arrived home from my weekend with a few packages here, one expected, and one not. First, the one I was expecting:

Yes, Fuji actually sent me a hard copy of this card, which is AWESOME! I dunno if he sends these out with every package, or just select ones, but either way, GREAT card.

Fuji and I had been talking recently about how we were both close to completing the '84 Topps set (he's done it since, I'm close but not quite there yet; see my sidebar for my needs), so he looked through his doubles and found 7 cards I needed, including this one:

I can't believe I was missin' an '80s Molitor! I was, though. Along with the '84s and the really cool card of him, Fuji also kicked me some cool stuff for my player collections, including these...

Hey, it's the Krukker! This one's from the '93 Hostess Baseballs set. I actually have a bunch of these cards (and some doubles), so I'm surprised I never got a Kruk.

He also sent me two, count 'em, two Scoremasters cards! I'm eventually gonna plunk down money and buy the whole box when I get inspired to, but for now, we'll admire them one at a time. That's Darryl up above, if you didn't recognize him.

And this is an absolutely gorgeous Eric Davis card.

Seriously one of the best looking sets of all time.

I tried like heck to get him to accept something for the '84s, but he wouldn't, simply asking me to pay it forward and send someone else something they needed down the road. What a guy! Thanks, Fuji!

Like I said, I got two packages from people, gratis (Y'all are the best!), and the second one was from Ryan G, who's starting to make a bit of a habit of sending me a couple cards of my Player Of The Month for the heck of it. Thanks again for last month's Boggses, and thanks for this month's Vlad's, Ryan!

The blue foil on '05 Opening Day really pops with that card design, doesn't it?

Then we have this crazy Stadium Club insert of our hero. Both nice cards, and great additions to the PC!

Again, you folks are the best!