Thursday, August 25, 2011

This is a tough one...

If this isn't just about dead even to anyone but a Dodger fan, I don't know what is.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Dear Tire That Decided To Blow Out 3 Miles Into My Trip...

...kiss my ass.


So yeah, that happened. No White Plains show, no meeting with Bo at a shady Dunkin Donuts somewhere. I'm fine and so's the car (save for the tire...and the Creedence...), so there's that, at least, but otherwise, what a drag. To reference another movie, I feel like Ralphie after the BB ricocheted.

Ah well. Next White Plains show is in a month or so. Jimmy Piersall's signing! Anyone wanna meet up there?

2012 Topps Thoughts...

Just saw the first images, and Mr. Olds' blurb about 'em. My immediate thoughts are the following...

1. The base looks a little bit like Lineage, doesn't it?

2. They really, REALLY should strongly consider scrapping the look of the base cards in favor of the look of the 1/1 wood variation cards. They've got 6 months to come up with another 1/1 variant design to replace the woodgrain look. With just a few cosmetic tweaks, this design went from "meh" to gorgeous, and they're going to go 1/1 on that? As Mr. Horse once said, "No sir, I didn't like it!"

Seriously, Topps. Go with the woodgrain! You know we want it!

The Round-Up for 08/19/11: Pre-White Plains Edition!

(I can't remember which of my scans I haven't posted, so I'm just gonna repost the glory of Henry Cruz for today's header image. Try not to be too heartbroken.)
Yep, I'll be visiting the White Plains show today. If you're trying to spot me, look for the longhaired guy dropping cards all over the place because he bought too much from the dime boxes, probably wearing a band t-shirt with something vaguely blasphemous on it and a hoodie. Say hi if you do, and let me know that you know I'm that Scott Crawford guy with the card site! Magical things may occur!
Unless you count Hall Of Fame induction weekend, which I think is its own animal, I haven't been to a "big" card show in probably close to 25 years. God help me. Very curious as to how foot traffic and dealer presence will be on a non-"big" (proper weekend) day. Also looking forward to stopping by Carl Erskine's table and thanking him for the TTM autograph from last year, which hopefully I'll be able to swing. Not sure how the autograph lines work for this joint.

After the show, I'll be heading to Bo's neck of the woods. Yep, we've graduated to in-person trading. Yeesh. Should beat the HECK out of typing up the numbers of like 3000 cards per trade and trying to figure out how to fit them all in a large flat rate box without squashing any, though.
A quick shout-out and a thank you go to Morgan of Silver Slugger for getting in touch and offering to send me 2 1990 Fleer commons I need for the set. That's dedication! Morgan's new to our corner of the 'net, but what I've read of her site had some heartfelt, thoughtful commentary on the Braves (there sure are a lot of Bravos fans in the card hobby), collecting and such. Check it out, and tell her I sent you.

I'm pretty sure that I'm like a million years behind on trade posts (and all manner of other posts), and I feel bad about that (I really, really need to start keeping the trade packages separate from my other cards until I actually post; otherwise, this stuff just gets eaten). If I haven't posted about a trade we've done this summer, huge apologies. I'll be going through my inbox and seeing which trades didn't make it onto the site yet over the next week or two, so you're not forgotten if you've been wondering "Hey, is he gonna post about that?"

Speaking of trades, I've been doing a fair-to-middlin' job of keeping track of my Topps Diamond Giveaway haul here (and if you misplace this post, the link's in my sidebar). If you're interested in anything I have, give a holler (I'm "sssdddccc" on the site if you've been wondering who that guy making you lousy offers all the time is), though you'll need to make a pretty good offer to get my '80 Hosken Powell out of me (I'm looking at you, Johnny).
That's about it for now. Look for a report on today's events later in the weekend, provided that Bo doesn't bury me alive under millions of 1990-1992 Upper Deck cards first.

Monday, August 15, 2011

August 2011 East Dover First Aid Card Show Report

I got a table this time! Of course, because I'm the only person on Earth who doesn't take pictures/video of everything, I have no pictures of it, nor did I get any pictures of the guest of honor, Mickey Rivers, but I still had a very good day at Dr. Wax's latest card show.

After setting up (about a half hour late, damn oversleeping), I wandered over to a few neighboring tables. Some dudes who had a quarter box of recent Chrome/etc. offered me the box for $10, which I decided to mull over for a few. While I was doing that, I hit a $.50 vintage box for the first time and picked up this...

Lefty's a little worse for wear, but it's another Hall of Famer off my '74 checklist.

Speaking of Hall of Famers, this really sharp '78 Ryan (my oldest) was picked up in a trade for a Topps Jeter rookie that didn't have the world's greatest corners. Both parties were pleased, as the guy getting the Jeter thought I was being perfectionist about the corners.

Last month, I had a senior moment and forgot to pick up a few cards that I was looking at in the 15 for $10 box this one guy had. Jim Palmer here was one...

Mr. Yount was another...

...and Michael Jack here was another. I have no idea how I didn't already have this card, but I didn't, and now I do.

After I took care of business, upon thinking on it a bit more, I did grab the quarter box for $10. I figured "if nothing else, it'll give me something to do during the slow parts of the show", and it did. I saw a good number of these Best inserts in the box on my first pass through it, but I ended up not needing any of them aside from Mr. Utley here. I'll have a list of doubles up soon.

On the other hand, Jesus! There were about 7 Best Prospects I needed in this box. I'm across the halfway mark on both the base Best and the Best Prospects set now, which I'm pretty happy about. When I'm done with the '11 versions, I need to get crackin' on the '94s they were based on.

There were a LOT of '11 Bowman Chrome Prospects in this $10 box, enough for me to get within 6 of finishing the set without additional purchases (I grabbed Goldschmidt, Belt, Banuelos and some other dude from the guys I bought the box from after I finished building the near-set from their box), and with a ton of doubles. If you need "commons" from this set, I'm your guy.

BlueClaws in the house! There were also a decent amount of '10 Chrome Prospects (about half the set) in the box, with some doubles. I've got an extra Jesse Biddle to go along with this one, if anyone's interested.

There was also about half a '10 Bowman Chrome Draft set in this box. Wade Davis is still going to be in prospects sets 100 years from now, I fear.

Along with all this baseball, there was also some f00'ball, including some Inception base cards. These are really nice, really thick cards. Not worth $100 a friggin' box for 7 friggin' cards, but nice. I've got doubles of a handful of base cards, which I'll be listing soon.


Knowshon snuck into the dime box, too.

The atmosphere at Dr. Wax's shows is always solid. Good food, a bunch of folks hanging out and busting chops, people willing to deal, a nice mix of new and old product, and door prizes out the wazoo. For the second month in a row, I won a gold card....


Blurry, but I left it in the case because I didn't want to handle the "gold". Nope, not melting this one down. The McGwire I got last month, maybe.

I made a combo cash/trade deal with a dealer I know locally, and since I had most of the set anyway, I finally broke down and snagged one of these damn things in the deal. As for '11 Chrome Prospects, I'm still missing card #21, Jose Pirela (unless it's in my boxes at home), so if you've got one, throw it aside for me.

On my second pass through the 50 cent vintage box, I grabbed this nice lookin' 1971 Bobby Bonds.

I also got in on the '72 action with Dave Concepcion here...

...and a miscut double of my man Ted Simmons here. I'd powered down my laptop by the time I was looking through the box again, and I couldn't remember if I had this or not. Ah well, it was cheap, it's up for trade, and it filled my "buying one old card I already have" quota for the show.

Nice '73 Chambliss is nice.

My last purchase on the day was from Dr. Wax's table on the way out. This put me exactly at the break even point, after all the cards I got, the table fees, and the 2 chili dogs and a Coke I had while I was there. Sales were slow-to-OK (the cash/trade deal I got the Harper in took care of a lot of my costs), but most of my table setup was dime boxes of commons. (Note: I actually sold some 1987 Topps commons to someone!) Back to Wally, though. Always good to get another card of the guy with the best eyebrow in the business. Corners are a little ugly, but it's flat and clean otherwise, with no creases.

So, yeah, awesome show. I'll be back at the next show on September 11th, and am probably setting up a table again (need to restock on some stuff to make it worthwhile, but that shouldn't be hard). If you're in the Jersey Shore area, these shows are a lot of fun. Come hang out! More info can be had here.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Base Topps Player Collection Want List

1983 Topps #536 - John Wockenfuss - Courtesy of

(Behold! The missing Wockenfuss! Image courtesy of COMC.)

I am still here, I swear. I have a ton of stuff I want to share with you and talk about with you, but the problem is just that: there's a ton, so the scanning's going to be positively oppressive when I do it next, and it's going to take forever to write about things after I scan them. Bear with me.

In the meantime, last night, I was poking around everyone's favorite site, the Topps Diamond Giveaway, and starting to strategize. I've got well over 100 cards on there now, and making one-for-one trade offers on all of them, well, that's just silly. So, I decided to start looking into which base, non-leaders/All-Star/In Action/etc. cards I still need for the players I collect. This led to me looking at which ones I still need for the players I have collected in the past, but have been somewhat on hiatus with of late. Here, for your viewing entertainment, is the list:

(Edited 08/12/11 to correct a few mistakes.)

Hank Aaron: 54-68, 70-75
Jim Abbott: 92-95
Dick Allen: 64-71, 75
Walter Alston: 58, 60-64, 66-73, 75
Sandy Amoros: 55, 57-58, 60
Harold Baines: 82, 94-98, 00-01
Albert Belle: 93, 95-97, 01
Yogi Berra: 51-65, 73-75
Dante Bichette: 93, 95, 00-02
Craig Biggio: 95, 97, 00-04, 06-07
Bert Blyleven: 71-72, 74, 76-77, 83
Wade Boggs: 93, 95, 97-98
Jim Bouton: 62-64, 66-67
Dennis Boyd: 92
Ralph Branca: 51-52
Scott Brosius: 93, 95, 97, 00, 02
Tom Browning: 93
Bill Buckner: 71, 73, 77
Mark Buehrle: 02, 04-07
Roy Campanella: 52-53, 56
Robinson Cano: 06, 09-10
Jose Canseco: 93, 95, 97-98, 00-02
Dean Chance: 62, 65-70
Jack Clark: 82, 92
David Clyde: 74
Rocky Colavito: 57-58, 60-68, 73
David Cone: 93, 95, 97, 00
Cecil Cooper 74, 77, 79
Billy Cox: 51
Carl Crawford: 03-04, 06, 08-09
Chad Curtis:  93, 95-98, 01-02
Eric Davis: 97, 00-02
Dizzy Dean: 10
Bucky Dent: 76-77
Brian Downing: 76-77, 82
Don Drysdale: 57-62, 64-67
Elijah Dukes: 631, 416, 263
Adam Dunn: 02-08
Jim Eisenreich: 93, 95-98
Dock Ellis: 70, 73
Carl Erskine: 52, 57-59
Darrell Evans: 70-71, 74, 79
Dwight Evans: 73, 76, 83
Ed Figueroa: 76, 79
Chuck Finley: 92-93, 95-96, 98-03
Curt Flood: 58-69
George Foster: 73-74, 77-79
Julio Franco: 95, 97, 03, 06
Carl Furillo: 58
Oscar Gamble: 70, 72, 74, 79
Jim Gantner: 77
Ralph Garr: 70-72, 74-76, 79
Steve Garvey: 72, 77
Jim Gilliam: 53-55, 58-60, 62-64
Jonny Gomes: 06-08
Dwight Gooden: 00
Goose Gossage: 78-79
Zack Greinke: 05-06
Pedro Guerrero: 83
Vladimir Guerrero: 01-04, 06, 08-09
Ron Guidry: 79
Don Gullett: 72-73, 75-76, 79
Bill Gullickson: 83, 95
Roy Halladay: 98, 00, 02-03, 06-09
Josh Hamilton: 03
Felix Hernandez: 05, 07-09
Orlando Hernandez: 00, 02-03, 05-06
Orel Hershiser: 93, 95, 97-98, 00
John HIller: 67-75, 77, 79
Gil Hodges: 51-52, 54-56, 58-69
Sam Horn: 109
Willie Horton 64-65, 67-70, 72, 75, 79
Frank Howard: 60-73
Kent Hrbek: 92
Catfish Hunter: 65
Brandon Inge: 03-10
Bo Jackson: 94-95
Reggie Jackson: 69-70, 72-74, 76, 78
Tommy John: 64-67, 70-74, 76
Alex Johnson: 65, 67-73, 77
Randy Johnson: 93-95, 00, 02-07, 09
Jim Kaat: 60, 62-70, 72-73, 76-77, 79
Jimmy Key: 95, 97-98
Paul Konerko: 97-98, 00-04, 06-09
Sandy Koufax: 55-66
John Kruk: 92-93, 95
Clem Labine: 52-53, 55, 58-61
Bill Lee: 72
Ron LeFlore: 76-77, 82
Johnnie LeMaster: 76, 82
Maximino Leon: 75-76
Dennis Leonard: 77, 83
Sixto Lezcano: 77, 79, 82
Tim Lincecum: 09
Billy Loes: 52-53, 57-61
Greg Maddux: 92-93, 95, 97-98, 00, 02-09
Roger Maris: 58-60, 62-66, 68
Mike Marshall: 68, 71-72, 74-77
Billy Martin: 52-54, 56-60, 62, 69, 71, 75-77
Tino Martinez: 93, 95, 97-98, 00-04
Hideki Matsui: 05-06, 08-09
Don Mattingly: 95-96
Sam McDowell: 62-74
Denny McLain: 65-66, 68-71
Yadier Molina: 04-09
Paul Molitor: 93-95, 97
Wally Moon: 55-57, 59-60, 62-65
Justin Morneau: 05-06, 08-10
Jack Morris: 93
Jamie Moyer: 94, 97, 00-08
Dale Murphy: 82, 93
Eddie Murray: 93, 95, 97
Robb Nen: 95-98, 00-04
Don Newcombe: 57-59
Hideo Nomo: 97, 00-03, 05
Ben Oglivie: 73, 76-77, 79, 83
John Olerud: 92, 95, 97, 01-04
Paul O'Neill: 92, 95, 97, 01
Roy Oswalt: 02-09
Mike Pagliarulo: 93
Jim Palmer: 66-77, 79
Lou Piniella: 64, 69-70, 77-79
Johnny Podres: 53-54, 57-69
Vic Power: 54-65
Mark Prior: 06
Nick Punto: 06-07, 09-10
Hanley Ramirez: 06-09
Willie Randolph: 79, 06-07
Randy Ready: 92
Pete Reiser: 52, 60
Pee Wee Reese: 52-53, 56-58
Tuffy Rhodes: 95
J.R. Richard: 76-77
Dave Righetti: 93
Mariano Rivera: 97, 00, 02-03, 06, 09-10
Phil Rizzuto: 51-56, 11
Bip Roberts: 95, 97-98
Frank Robinson: 57-58, 60-66, 68-71, 77, 03, 06
Jackie Robinson: 52-56, 97, 11
Ivan Rodriguez: 95-97, 00-01, 03-04, 06-09
Preacher Roe: 51-54
Steve Rogers: 75-76, 82-83
Pablo Sandoval: 09
Johan Santana: 03, 06, 09
Mike Schmidt: 73, 75-77, 79, 83
Tom Seaver: 67, 69-77, 80
George Shuba: 52-53
Ted Simmons: 74, 77-78, 82-83
John Smoltz: 95-98, 00-04, 06, 09, 11
Duke Snider: 51-52, 54-60, 62-64
Dave Stewart: 83, 93
Dave Stieb: 83, 92-93
Mel Stottlemyre: 65-66, 68, 71-73
Darryl Strawberry: 94-95, 97
Champ Summers: 76
Ichiro Suzuki: 01-03, 06, 09
Garry Templeton: 79-80, 83
Gorman Thomas: 79
Jim Thome: 95, 97, 00-04, 06-09
John Tudor: 83
B.J. Upton: 03-08, 10
Fernando Valenzuela: 83
Rube Walker: 52-55, 57-58, 73-74
Lou Whitaker: 83, 95
Ed Whitson: 82-83
Bernie Williams: 95, 98-04, 06
Mitch Williams: 94
Ted Williams: 54-58, 69-70, 72
Dontrelle Willis: 04-09
Maury Wills: 67, 70
Willie Wilson: 82
Dave Winfield: 75-78, 93, 95
Johnny Wockenfuss: 83
Robin Yount: 75, 77-79

There are some names missing from this list, of course, but that's either because I've got every base Topps card they've made of the player, or because they've never made a base Topps card of them. Also, after a little debate with myself, I did include the players who've had SP inserts over the past few years that I don't have cards of (at least the ones I noticed; Ted, any idea which ones I'm missing? I only have '09 Update SPs, as I pursued the Maris and Bo and cracked a box of that), since they are base designs released in the base product.

Now, this isn't a call to arms to help me fill in the blanks just yet (and some blanks, like the Aaron rookie, the Ted Williams cards, the Jackie Robinsons, the Koufaxes, etc. will be damn tough to fill in). I'm still digging my way through/out of what will be the mother of the mother of all Bo trades (I've got about 1200 cards to sort through still, Bo, pending this weekend and the next), so I'm hesitant to start any new trades, and I'lll be at Dr. Wax's card show this weekend (Setting up a table, so stop by! In-person trades welcome!) and the White Plains show on the 19th (gotta get my Jordan slabbed, and, oh yeah, it's also a huge card show), so I may take out a bunch of the cheaper cards on this list by the end of the month now that there is a list. However, it is an interesting document of how far I've come on these collections in the past few years, and how much y'all have helped me with them. Thanks for that!

If you do have this stuff burning a hole in your pocket and really, really want to trade it to me, though, drop me a line and we'll talk.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

It took some doing...

...but, after a little bit of wrangling and some patience, while it's not a '71 or this guy, I GOT MY COOKIE:

After about 4 trades (the last of which was for a '92 Ripken All-Star, so it wasn't entirely cheap), I turned a 1992 Brian Bohanon card into this when someone offered it to me. I've been having WAY too much fun with the Diamond Giveaway. 14 cards have become 94 over a few short months, 35 of which are pre-1980. There's only 3 definite keepers so far ('74 Dock Ellis and Vida Blue and '75 J.R. Richard, barring any acquisitions of the three before deadline time), but I'm still having a blast. If you wanna keep up with my progress, I've been tracking it here.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Player Of The Month For August, 2011: Thurman Munson

It might be a bit of a downer for some, but for me, there was never any choice but to make the Thurman Munson the Player Of The Month for the first August that came up. Gotta pay respect and all.

Over the course of the last year, you've probably seen me post a ton of these cards, multiple times in some cases. This '78 card, one of the most badass cards ever (though, as you can see above, Thurman was no stranger to badass cards), stands out in my head as the first baseball card I remember seeing that was issued before I started collecting in 1980, and a copy of it (maybe this one, not sure) is the first baseball card I bought as a single, probably sometime in 1981. I think I paid $.75 for it.

Because I was a little late to the party on the '77-'78 Yankee teams (I knew who Reggie was pretty early because he was more like a cartoon character than a ballplayer, but that was about it initially), I actually never got to see Thurman Munson play during his career. The first thing I'd heard of him, as a young kid, was that he died. (The same thing applies to John Lennon, actually; I'd heard of The Beatles, but didn't know their names as individual people until Lennon was shot.) I have seen him play in a number of games since then, as the YES Network plays classic Yankee games from time to time.

By most accounts, Thurman Munson was a pretty gruff sonuvabitch. My favorite Munson stories to date, I've heard Goose Gossage tell. I'll paraphrase them both here. On one occasion, Goose came to the mound to start pitching, and he didn't see any signs from Munson on what to pitch. He kept looking, and nothing. So, he called Munson out to the mound and said "I couldn't see your signs." Munson responded with "I didn't put any down." Gossage was kinda flustered by this. "What do you mean you didn't put any down?" Munson said "Let's face it, we all know what you're gonna throw."

On another occasion, Munson came out to the mound when Gossage was pitching and asked him, deadpan, "OK, how are you going to lose this one?"

I've actually got a good chunk of Munson's cards, including all of his base Topps cards. Mind you, in some cases, like his rookie card, featured here, I have it on a technicality, as the card is barely a baseball card at this point, but I do still have it. I'd consider "upgrading", but I doubt I'd ever unload the lesser condition Munsons, because I've noticed something throughout my years of collecting: if you go through a stack of cards from Munson's playing years and find his card, he's almost always the most beaten-up card in the bunch, because the kids who pulled his cards and bothered to keep them for this long really loved his cards. I'd say that there were some who hated his cards (and I know that, at the time, Josh Wilker wasn't much of a fan as a kid), but at least in my neck of the woods, I never see these cards with ink on them. They're creased, bent, the corners are shot, you name it, but no one ever drew on Munson around here. Though he was a surly guy who didn't have his own candy bar (and don't get me wrong, defying pretty much all logic, I love Reggie too), Thurman Munson was a guy who people loved and respected, and they still do.

As I do every month, I'm extending the following offer: for all of August, if you think of trading with me, think first and foremost about trading your spare Thurman Munson cards to me. (Even if I have 'em, I could use upgrades on a few, like '73, '77 and, if you're feeling incredibly generous, '70.) While trading can be an inexact science so your mileage may vary just as mine may, I will consider all Thurman Munson cards (old, new, whatever) to be worth double of what I would any other stuff I'd get in trades this month. I'll be making this offer for each Player Of The Month. My Thurman Munson haves are listed below.

Thurman Munson (24): 70-79 Topps (70 is ROUGH), 75 Topps Mini, 77-79 Topps Burger King, 11 Topps Gypsy Queen, 11 Topps Gypsy Queen The Great Ones, 10 Topps National Chicle 237, 09 Topps Ring Of Honor, 10 Topps 206, 89 Score A Tribute, 07 SP Legendary Cuts, 76, 78 SSPC, 01 Upper Deck Decades

w00 I won I won I won

One of these two beauties is mine, thanks to a contest by AJ! Thanks, AJ, and congrats to BA Benny, who won the other Tartabull auto!