Friday, October 28, 2011

Current Topps Diamond Tally

(Traded a McCutchen DDC for this the other day. Psyched!)

In case you missed it, while I wasn't updating it:

Total codes redeemed: 31 (from 30 code cards, got a bonus one in there)
Total cards as of 10/28/11: 283
Total number of trades: 393

My cards as of right now, by year (bold indicates a keeper):

58: Bill Virdon

61: Eli Grba

65: Bobby Locke

67 Ralph Terry

68: Walt Williams

69: Cisco Carlos, JIm Fregosi

71: Jose Laboy

72: Vince Colbert, Steve Renko In Action

73: Bill Bonham, Randy Moffitt, Jim Hardin, Dave Hamilton, Rich Morales, George Culver, Larry Biitner, Walt Williams, Alex Johnson

74: Alex Johnson, Milt May, Kurt Bevacqua, Walt Williams, Derrel Thomas, Duffy Dyer, Ken Suarez, Jorge Orta, Ed Bane, Matty Alou, Ray Burris, Mario Guerrero, Chicago White Sox Team, Jim Colborn (2), Dave Roberts, Doug Rader, Steve Arlin

75: Charlie Spikes, Tim Foli, Maximino Leon, Don Stanhouse, Charlie Williams, Jim Merritt

76: Larvell Blanks, Tim Johnson, Tony Soliaita, Jim Colborn, Bob Allietta, Mickey Rivers, Don Kirkwood, John Milner, Terry Forster, Cesar Cedeno, Dock Ellis, Tony Muser, Mike Torrez, Paul Splittorff, George Scott, Pepe Mangual, Ken Henderson, Milt May

77: Mike Anderson, John Milner, Alan Foster, Ted Kubiak, Biff Pocoroba, Doug Rader, Rick Sawyer, Chip Lang, Mike Cuellar, Al Cowens, Chris Speier, Eric Raich, Larry Biitner, Bill Travers, Andy Messersmith, Ed Ott, Steve Rogers, Brent Strom, Tom Griffin, Rudy May, Jim Umbarger

78: Rick Manning, Terry Whitfield, Jim Bibby, Al Cowens, Lee Mazzilli, Warren Brusstar, Tim Corcoran, Rowland Office, Cecil Cooper, Mark Lemongello, Oscar Gamble, Odell Jones, Vic Davalillo, Luis Gomez, Bert Campaneris, Jerry Royster, Pete LaCock, Jim Wohlford, Checkist Card, Dock Ellis, Francisco Barrios, Rick Monday, Rudy May, Bill Castro

79: Bob Randall, Bill Bonham, Larry Milbourne, Pete LaCock, Steve Ontiveros, Tom Veryzer, Joe Ferguson, Willie Horton, Bill Lee, Larry Herndon, Al Fitzmorris, Dock Ellis, Rawly Eastwick

80: Tom Hausman, Jesse Jefferson, Mike Cubbage, Dick Davis, Jon Matlack, LaRue Washington, Lary Sorensen, Vic Correll, Hosken Powell, Bump Wills, Greg Minton, Bob McClure, Bob Grich, Shane Rawley, Aurelio Rodriguez, Rick Wise, Jim Dwyer, Buddy Schultz, Ken Oberkfell

81: Don Robinson, Bob Owchinko, John Wathan, Rodney Scott, Joe Niekro, Carl Yastrzemski, Bill Gullickson Record Breaker, Britt Burns, Joe Beckwith, Doug Bird, Bill Nahorodny, Jim Barr, Mike Tyson, Dewey Robinson, Doug DeCinces, Jim Morrison, Pete LaCock, Checklist Card

82: Harold Baines, Sixto Lezcano, Terry Forster, Padres Checklist, Wayne Gross, Dave Ford, Mark Clear, Stan Bahnsen, Don Aase, John Montefusco, Bill Caudill

83: Bob Welch, Andy Hassler, Frank LaCorte, John Wathan Record Breaker, Kevin Hickey, John Wathan

84: Bruce Hurst, Rick Cerone, Jerry Mumphrey, Eddie Whitson, Dave Stewart, Mike Boddicker, Darrell Evans, Tippy Martinez

85: Tippy Martinez, Bobby Castillo, Jim Winn, John Tudor, Bert Blyleven, Cliff Johnson, Jerry Koosman, Rick Mahler

86: A's Leaders, Tom Browning, Dwight Gooden Record Breaker, Willie Wilson, Dan Pasqua, Don Baylor, Darrell Evans, Bill Schroeder, Mike Mason, Ricky Adams

87: Teddy Higuera All-Star, Dennis Leonard, Jose Rijo, Ken Dayley, Reds Leaders, Red Sox Leaders, Jim Rice, Dwight Evans Record Breaker, Reggie Jackson Turn Back The Clock, Dwight Gooden

88: David Cone, Dave Meads (2), Will Clark (2), Greg Brock

89: Lou Whitaker

90: Dwight Gooden, Fred Lynn, Al Newman, Luis Sojo, Dave Winfield

91: Frank White, Rich Garces, Gary Green, Andres Galarraga, Larry Walker

92: Goose Gossage, Jack Clark, Scott Chiamparino, John Olerud, Ron Gant, Scott Bankhead, Ellis Burks, Mark Lee, Pedro Guerrero

93: Leo Gomez, Tino Martinez, Shane Mack, Rafael Palmeiro, Mo Vaughn, Greg Vaughn, Bob Ojeda, Brian McRae, Luis Gonzalez

94: Dave West

95: Jeff Brantley, David Cone, Luis Gonzalez, Kirk Rueter

96: Luis Alicea, Albert Belle Star Power, Mo Vaughn, Bret Saberhagen, Chris Hammond, Kevin Appier, Javy Lopez, Scott Sanders

97: Bob Tewksbury, Luis Gonzalez, Antonio Osuna, Ellis Burks

98: Gary Sheffield, Dave Mlicki

99: Armando Benitez

01: Tom Kelly, Kevin Brown, Adrian Beltre, Matt Clement

03: Darren Dreifort, Todd Helton

04: Junior Spivey

05: Glendon Rusch

06: Sean Burroughs, Tom Gordon, Shannon Stewart, Nick Johnson, Adam Eaton, Mark Teixeira

07: Dan Johnson, Mark Teahen

09: Ozzie Guillen

11: Vladimir Guerrero Diamond Die-Cut,
Mark Buehrle Diamond Die-Cut

(Got this baby with a code!)

...and I instant-won what I think is a pack of '88 Topps.

I'll give you all a moment to compose yourselves after that last bit of excitement.

How many of you are still out there working on their Topps Diamond hauls?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Round-Up For 10/19/11: Tired of "I'm still here!" posts yet? Edition

Yep, for the millionth time, I'm making one of these posts. Pretty awesome, eh?

Time keeps getting away from me. Still very much adjusting to a new life that's like the old one, but not. In the good way. Things happening faster than I can keep up with 'em. Rest assured, I'm not bored with the card hobby (I am out of space for cards, though!), nor am I giving up on this site (I've had it a year, after all; the domain needs to be renewed this month!). I actually miss y'all a bunch and am way behind on your adventures, since I've had very little time to look at Google Reader lately.

I also do miss trading a bunch (though I have one "Here, have a Jeter, and if you find anything, cool. If not, enjoy the Jeter." deal going with Sooz from A Cardboard Problem), but I kinda need to be able to list and/or scan the stuff I've gotten in, and right now, I'm short on time and space, as I mentioned. A preview, though: if you're working on '71 Topps high numbers (and don't care too much about condition) or '75 Topps (and do), you should probably send me your want lists. Yeah, I had one of those kinds of finds right before White Plains.

Speaking of card shows, I was only at Dr. Wax's latest show long enough to spend too much money, but for the time I was there, I did have a blast watching the regular dealers and Joe Pepitone busting each other's chops. Joe and Fast Eddie in particular made plenty of sport of one another. Good times. Next Dr. Wax show is November 13th, same place (and details are at the link above), with both Yankee favorite Roy White and the great Robert Scott appearing and signing autos! It'll be good to see Bob again, and when I met Roy very briefly in Cooperstown, I almost didn't notice him, because he came walking into town with Ron Guidry and some folks, and I was all "Hey, Gator!" which almost allowed Roy to slip into town all ninja-like.

I know I said I was going to try and slow down on "Look what I got!" posts, even though they're basically the bread and butter of this kinda site, but I do have to share one thing with y'all. The day before White Plains (yep, completely different story than the one I alluded to above; I was on a heater that weekend), I went to see Michael Monroe in Philadelphia (astute readers may have noticed the tour shirt in the Denny McLain pic). On the way there, I spotted Swing And A Hit Cards during my drive, and stopped in. Cool store, tons of good stuff and the owner, Charlie, seemed like a solid guy. Right before I left, I was looking at the signed and unsigned photo memorabilia on the walls, and this caught my eye, for obvious reasons...

Yep, this was printed 2 days shy of 50 years before I found it. Now, it wasn't the full paper, just the sports page cover (and Charlie seemed almost apologetic because the guy he bought it from did this to it), but it was a beautiful framed piece of one of my favorite players of all time, and when Charlie told me "Twenty bucks", I had it off the wall faster than you can say "Scott forgot to get Tracy Stallard's auto at White Plains because he was so distracted by the shiny". The FRAME is worth $20. So, rather than being on the wall of the store, this is on my wall, right next to my computer and my card display case (so I look at it whenever I'm at my computer, which is too often), a more than welcome addition to my collection. I figure that something like this is worth breaking form for, yeah?

For those of you going to Hofstra this weekend, have a blast (really, one of the best guest lineups I've ever seen for a card show, and a don't-miss if you were a fan of the '86 Mets; I hate that I can't make this one), and for the rest of you out there ripping Bowman Chrome as I type this, enjoy that too. Send in those want lists I asked for, drop a line and let me know how your luck's been lately, and all the best to ye in the meantime.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

East Dover First Aid Card Show Tomorrow! Joe Pepitone!

I won't have a table set up at this one (scarily, I've actually got too much to sort through before I do a table again rather than not enough), but I will be at Dr. Wax's latest card show extravaganza, as will Joe Pepitone, who'll be signing autographs for a fee. I'll sign autographs too, if you ask nicely.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Before I wait another minute... is a photo essay of sorts on Bo's and my most recent trade.

Yep, them's a lotta cards. I'm still working on getting them catalogued and put away! Thanks, Bo!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

White Plains!

I will be writing a longer report once I'm awake and have scanned a few things, but for starters, I'm just going to let a picture do the talking...

Denny McLain and I, 10/01/11

Very fun afternoon!