Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I've been really slack-ass about trade posts lately.

Gonna try to fix that soon, but as you've all seen, I've been buried alive by stuff. Getting said stuff organized is my first priority, for sanity's sake. You know those times when you realize that you inadvertently slept in the same bed as an 800 box filled with pre-1980 Topps cards the other night? I'm having one.

If I don't do a full post about a recent deal we've made, sincere apologies, but I will do my best to put one up for our next deal. This goes for you, Stubby, Smed, Ted, Bo, Mark Z., Anton, and anyone else I'm blanking on at the 19 hour of being awake mark after a long night of scanning, sorting and being The Great Cornholio after drinking too much coffee. To the rest of you, if you've never dealt with the people I just named, get in touch with them, as they're all terrific traders.

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