Friday, January 27, 2012

MOAR TRADE BAITS:Prime 9 Edition

Apologies for the crooked-ass scan, but you ever try to get these suckers to lay flat on a scanner bed?

I've only got one each on Jackie and Johnny Bench, more on the others. No Jeters or Mantles, sorry, I live in Jersey. Make offers!

Edit: I got another Jackie (I was out), another Bench (I was out of this too), another Koufax (I have a lot) and another Aaron (I was down to 1 there, now I've got 2) if anyone needs 'em.


  1. I'm interested in one of each (understanding no Jeter or Mantle)!

    I'll go through your want list - but I bet I have a few 92 & 93 Topps, quite a few 94 Topps and quite a few Gypsy Queens. Oh, and if we wanted to make a bigger trade, maybe a few Topps 60 cards and could look into some other things from your list (2011 Diamond or Cognac, Lineage, and some yankees or Brooklyn Dodgers).

    My wantlists are on my site - let me know (can also be emailed at chucklesmowry at yahoo)

  2. Took a quick glance at your lists. I can probably help you out with some stuff. Will try to get an idea of what tonight.


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