Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Not from the very first pack of 2012, but...

...after opening a pretty nondescript retail pack of Gypsy Queen I got in one of my local's grab bags (love those things these days), I cracked a cheap box of Heritage Minors, and this showed up as an extra relic in it:


(That reference is like 12-13 years old now. Bryce Harper wasn't even born when it hit the 'net!)

The other relic was an Adys Portillo that I think might be a double (weird, eh?), and the autos were of guys I haven't heard of yet and haven't had time to Google, but I did get a Christian Colon black border numbered to 60 as well, along with the usual smattering of numbered weird-color cards and short-print All-Stars.

Oh, and perhaps most importantly? I finished my base set! w000000! I was missing tough 'uns like Brett Lawrie and Mike Trout, too, so I'm glad I finished up.

I need like 38 high numbers still, but more often than not on modern sets (oddly, I've been on a tear with '71-'73 stuff, as you'll see when I get to that on my best of 2011 thing sometime in 2018), unless I happen upon a ton of them by accident, I say "Screw the high numbers!" or just get the ones of guys in my player collections when I can. Seriously, I'd be plenty happy if short prints in the official set numbering went away FOREVER.


  1. You have no chance to survive make your trade!

  2. Nice Harper pull. I have mixed feelings about SP's. If I'm building the set myself... I think they're a pain in the butt (mainly b/c I'm cheap). But if I can find the set w/shortprints) on eBay (ex. 2008 Masterpieces & 2009 Goodwin) for a reasonable price, then I'm all for it.

    Best of luck, should you decide to chase those high #'s.


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