Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reason #2 Why You Shouldn't Dismiss That Flea Market Box Of Mostly 2010 Topps

So, as I said here, there was a hidden treasure in a bin of recent Topps that I got a couple of months ago. I almost didn't get the bin at all, though! What made me decide to spring for it? Well, as I was rummaging through it, looking to see how many cards were there, what condition they were in, and how many little albums were in the bin (once I noticed that they were there; even they were kinda buried), I felt something out of place in a pile of new cards, resting inconspicuously in the bottom of the bin. I took a slightly closer look, and saw this...

Yeah, that was the clincher on the purchase.

Near as I can tell, it's a team issue photo from 1954 or 1955. How do I know the year from one picture? Well, because there was more than one...

Pretty awesome, right? All of these guys were on the '54 World Champion Giants roster, so I figure these were released around that time. It may not be a complete set of the photos, as a some key players (3B Hank Thompson, as well as pitchers Hoyt Wilhelm Marv Grissom and Johnny Antonelli, to name a few) are not part of the pile I got. There's no mention of them that I can find in the Standard Catalog, though there are mentions of several similar issues. The pictures measure 6" x 9", and as you can see, they're pretty ratty (the Durocher and Irvin each have pretty bad tears in them, there's dirt, stains and whatnot all over the pictures, some dogearing, and Don Mueller has a bootprint on 'em), but lovably so.

So, yeah, if you see cards somewhere in the wild like a flea market or a garage sale, and they're not ridiculously common (though I'm sure I missed out on at least one '52 Mantle stuffed in an '88 Donruss factory box somewhere along the line), don't be lazy! Dig in there! You never know what'll turn up.

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