Friday, January 6, 2012

The Round-Up For 01/06/12: thinking out loud, mostly...

So, I have a weird question for The People today: have any of you ever traded cards for non-card items, or vice-versa? We're talking anything from stuff that you want from other hobbies (comics, toys, what have you), to major appliances, motor vehicles, or, thinking smaller, just stuff you happen to need that someone else who wants your cards has in surplus (or, again, vice-versa). I ask because I've actually been considering posting my Other Stuff want lists (and, eventually, trade lists), just for the hell of it, to see if I get any hits on it. Strangely enough, even though I have a mountain of awesome doubles from the 1970s right now, I'm not getting bum rushed by you folks, and while it's possible that you've all got 73-79 Topps complete now, it's more likely that you're not sure what you can trade for big piles of '70s awesomeness. I figure that it might be worth giving people more options. Thoughts?
It's also possible that you're not asking because I don't have an updated trade list at the moment, but my word, if I do it at all, is that going to take some doing. I've got other ideas about how to best show you Cool Stuff To Trade For as it comes in, but I've got a project or two ahead of those.
Just kinda thinking about trades, and how to proceed with them now that I've got a ton of stuff.

What I'd really love to do is get a bunch of the collectors here in the Northeast together in one room with  boxes of stuff, some food and a bunch of time to just shoot the breeze and swap cardboard. Sorta like a card show, but with little or no money changing hands. I keep throwing a meetup at White Plains out there, but that might be a bit too distracting to make something like that work.

Again, just kinda thinking out loud here.

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