Monday, January 30, 2012

Scored one of these over the weekend...

Yep, the original magazine.

(Apologies to whoever scanned this, as I do own a copy, but I don't own a huge-ass scanner bed so I had to gank your jpeg.)

It's got a photo essay inside on Teddy Ballgame's batting stance, step by step.

I will use this to learn how to bat .400.


  1. Nice one! Magazine covers make nice collector's items, especially the older ones.

    That one isn't as nice as the one my mother is on, though ;),%20Phyllis%20-%20life%20magazine%20cover%20photo.html

    (No, seriously, that's her!)

  2. I see those at Half-Price Books all the time, but never with ballplayers on them. Nice find.

  3. Wow... this is awesome... truly a masterpiece. How much do these usually go for?

    mmmrhubarb - wow... talk about family heirloom. very nice.

  4. Fuji, not sure what they usually go for, saw two online that went for a good deal more than I paid ($15), but I'm not sure if they were priced realistically or not.

  5. Mmmmmm: that is truly awesome, by the way

  6. $15 is a steal... congratulations... nice find!


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