Friday, January 27, 2012

Smed: The Trade!

A while back, I put the word out that I had a lot of cards to trade. Smed gave a holler, and some stuff went in various directions up and down the east coast. Along with a big honkin' pile of shiny that included the spare Chrome Harper in my last post, here's some of the cooler items I got from him.

Have you heard?

I don't have enough Crown Royale cards. They're very silly. I approve of them. So, regardless of who's on them (for the most part; you Braves fans can have the Chipper cards), I'm always happy to see one.

Roger Maris, even in an awkward photograph like this one, is always welcome here... are other Topps short prints of all shapes and sizes, even if this sour puss is on 'em.

This was a really nice surprise. If you're not really familiar (and I wasn't, beyond that I'd heard the name and I knew he was Bob's dad), Max Lanier was a solid big league pitcher who left for the Mexican League, tried to come back, got a five year suspension and a whole ration of shit from commissioner Happy Chandler for leaving in the first place, and filed a suit challenging the Reserve Clause a whole two decades before Curt Flood because of this whole mess. It settled out of court, which is part of why you don't hear people trumpeting Max Lanier's name instead of Curt's, but still, Max did fight back and forced Major League Baseball's hand (they lifted the suspensions on Lanier and the other players who jumped ship) years before the events that led to free agency. This postcard is a nice little piece of artwork, apparently released by some concern related to Ted Williams (his son had him tied up in all sorts of businesses that eventually failed), and it is indeed signed in blue Sharpie as you can see. Very cool.

And now, for the most unlikely best card in the trade, here's a Classic Rob Deer card. I don't collect Rob Deer stuff (though, really, this might make me start). I don't collect Classic cards. And yet, something about this out of left field card won me over in a big, big way. Maybe it's the way he's lumbering along on the basepaths checking either the 3rd base coach's signs or that broad in the 5th row (more likely the latter). Maybe it's the yellow border (yes, I like sets with yellow borders). Maybe it was just in the right place at the right time. Whatever the case, it's awesome, and is now a treasured part of my collection, despite having no monetary value and almost no relation in context with the rest of my collection! Viva Rob Deer, and thanks again for the trade, Smed! Let me know when the flat rate box I overstuffed gets to you!

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