Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Collation On 2012 Topps is ROUGH

Got a jumbo and 3 regular packs at my local today, just to represent. Out of 66 total cards (52 of which were base), I got 38 base doubles, not counting any insert doubles I may have gotten that I haven't noticed yet (if you remember, I had 19 doubles out of a possible 216 yesterday from 3 hanger boxes).

Some of the more astute readers may notice that my math appears to be off. "66, you say? But regular Topps hobby packs have 10 cards in them, and Topps jumbos have 50. You said you got 3 regular packs. Shouldn't that be 80 cards?"

Normally, it would, but apparently, this happened:

 This here's the 2012 edition of the manufactured relic card. It's a Retired Rings card of Mike Schmidt, numbered 347/736. That's not a full ring in the center, but it is an actual bigass chunk of metal. These are very thick cards (had to get a 360 one-touch, that it swims in a little, to keep it in; I'd say it's probably 220), and it counted as like 15 cards in my jumbo pack. If this were like the manupatch last year, I'd have been pissed, but it's a REALLY nice card (the Aaron Retired Rings card another customer pulled from an earlier jumbo box, that he brought in to show us all, was even nicer), so I'll deal with the diminished card count.

As I said though, collation's even more predictable this year than it was in '11, and there are doubles a-plenty. Also available for trade now after subtracting Mets for Stubby and J-Hey and other Bra-Aves for day-ayf:

4, 7, 21, 36, 47, 61, 81, 84, 87, 98, 101-102, 111, 126, 132, 142, 164, 170, 178, 185, 198 (x 2), 200, 208, 226, 230, 246, 260, 264, 283, 286, 288, 303, 313

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