Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Round-Up for 02/29/12

2 months in a row of record traffic, with this month up 10% from last month! Thanks for spending part of your internets time with my somewhat disorganized site!

(From the "This post needs a picture, and this isn't a bad one" dept: Hank here finished my Aaron-in-the-'70s base card run about a week ago. I got the '70 in a trade with reader and fellow fantasy leaguer Stubby a while back, but I'm like 2 or 3 trade posts behind on the Stubmeister. I will catch up on trade posts, and all the stuff I've scanned recently...someday.)

A reminder: all entries for my current contest need to be in by Midnight Eastern Time. If you wanna win a copy of this...

...simply make sure you're following this site via Google Friend Connect (the link's in the sidebar below my "short" want list), and drop a comment on the original contest post (not this post) letting me know that you're following! I'll be choosing a winner at random tomorrow! Good luck!

In some other news, the next White Plains card show is March 23rd-March 25th, and while it's a crazy busy weekend for me (2 shows and 2 fantasy baseball drafts), I may try to make it on Saturday the 24th before rushing home to the D.R.I./Cro-Mags show at Starland. Good free autograph guests (and 2 of 'em: Roy White, who I got recently, and the great Bobby Shantz!) on Saturday, Wade Boggs (!!!) signing (not for free, but 'ey), and a ton of other autograph guests (Dawson, Robbie Alomar, Ron Davis, Dick Groat) will be there. Plus, all the New York football Giants are signing on Sunday, so we'll be avoiding that mob scene! (I drove past a bank in Montclair, NJ where JPP was signing a few weekends ago, and it was a madhouse; paramedics on scene, the whole nine...) If anyone's up for meeting up there, that'd be awesome, just let me know so we can plan.

I finished '92 and '93 Topps yesterday, and I'm within a scant few cards of finishing '75, '78 and '79 Topps now, too! If any of you have the following...

1975 Topps: 126, 193, 280, 308, 450

1978 Topps: 424, 652

1979 Topps: 650

...give a yell, and let's trade! I've got good trade stuff.

I'll be picking up a box of Hoops in a little while, for the heck of it. What can I say? Strikes (and fantasy sports) are great for rekindling one's interest in a sport, despite what conventional wisdom suggests. Anyway, should I bust it on-camera later? I probably will, if I can wait that long.

That's it over here for now. What's going on with you folks? Let me know in the comments!


  1. If you look at Hank's signature quickly his last name looks like RAWN. It's hard to come up with really meaningful comments.

  2. Speaking of good trade stuff, your package arrived today (I haven't opened it yet).

    I sent out mine yesterday.


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