Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So yesterday was one of the best mail days in the history of the Postal Service.

First there was this. It took a while to get here, eBay seller was slow mailing it I guess (though they threw in a '72 Topps Sandy Alomar and an '81 Fleer Star Stickers Rod Carew, I think to make up for the delay), but it's a '71 Topps Frank Robinson (from the 2nd to last series, which I think is a good deal harder to complete than the highest one) and it was $3.63 shipped. Yeah, I dunno either. There'll be more of that "Was anyone on eBay paying attention?" later in the post.

Next up, we have my first playing era Gordie Howe card, another from the '68-'69 set that my kickass Tim Horton card is from. I'm not planning on starting a big Gordie collection (I'd kind of like things like a house, a savings account, my vital organs, etc. a little more), but this is one of three of his that I wanted (the others being '71-'72 and '79-'80; all of these choices are because I love the designs of the cards), and I got it for about $15 shipped. Rough corners, well loved and with a couple of creases, but not ugly by any means. Might've gone a little high on it given the condition, but these don't come up in an affordable condition too often.

Then there's this guy. Remember him? Blurry shot, in an oooooold non-recessed screwdown, so he was a gamble at $17 and change, but holy goddamn, this card is NICE for the price. Low book on it's something like $50, so I'm totally happy with it.

Then there's this, from the same post where you first saw the Maris...

Yes, this is indeed a '53 Bowman friggin' Color Gil Hodges. If you're not familiar, cards from this set are murder to get in any condition. Low book on this is about $175. Yes, there's a faint crease across the center of the card that you didn't even notice until I mentioned it, and it's pretty damned off-center, but this cost a grand total of 36 cents more than the Maris did.

$18 shipped. Right around what the Fair to Good price should be for something like this if we're being logical, but people are not logical when it comes to '53 Bowman Color.

$18 for this beautiful bastard of a card.

Not only that, but I won the thing in the middle of Ernest Borgnine Night!

Was anyone paying attention on eBay last Wednesday?

To keep you folks from killing me in my sleep, I won't talk about the pile of '67 Topps commons I got in a set-filler lot.

Yeah, the mail was kind of awesome yesterday.


  1. Yeah, it was poorly listed, poorly photographed and like I said, a gamble, but I would've been happy with a crap '60 Maris for the price.

  2. Congrats on the pickups! Great stuff Scott!

  3. Awesome eBay finds. I've never seen the 1968-69 Topps cards until now... but that Howe is very high on my priority list for the two upcoming card shows I plan on attending. Thanks for sharing.


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