Saturday, February 11, 2012

Some Non-Card Stuff I Collect: Set Lists

I had these in the scanning pile, and figured I'd post them here, too. These are set lists from live shows I went to last year. I have a bunch more that I'll probably get to scanning eventually, but these were in front of me, so I figured I'd share...

This one's from The Bangles, if you couldn't guess from the song titles. Friend of mine by the name of John won a radio contest and I was his +1, so I got to see them and meet them after the show. Happily, one of the roadies also hooked me up with this set list for them to sign. Sweet ladies, funny, and they still put on a terrific show.

This one isn't signed, but it's still really cool. It's from Ace Frehley's solo tour of a few months ago. My friend Peter was doing sound for Ace (yes, I have really cool friends), so he hooked me up with the soundboard copy of the set list when I saw Ace in Allentown, PA. Didn't get to meet Ace or anything, but it was a great show (though Ace got the set list scrambled a bit, so I didn't get to hear "Rip It Out", sadly).

If you guys and gals want to see me post more stuff like this along with the card stuff, let me know. Also: thanks again to both John and Peter for hooking me up on these shows!


  1. Love the Bangles. I have a vinyl copy of their 1982 EP. Actually I may have all their 80's releases on vinyl.

  2. I love the Bangles. I have some set lists, picks and sticks too so keep these posts coming!

  3. Bro... next to Phoebe Cates, Susanna Hoffs was the girl of my dreams during the 80's. You sure have some awesome friends!


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