Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday Post Bomb! '54 CRAAAAZY!

You know how I said I've been getting some '54s when I posted that Jackie Jensen yesterday?

Well, I've gotten a couple of lots over the past month or so. Here they are, give or take a couple cards.

This was lot #1. It was really poorly titled on eBay, or there'd be no way it woulda happened.

Roy Face was card #1 in the 4 card lot I got Jackie Jensen in. I keep kinda toying with going after more Pirates of this era, guys like him, Dick Groat, Bill Virdon, the ones who weren't Hall of Famers but were pretty darned good.

Hey, a Milwaukee Brave! Don't have a lot of these.

And Dave Hoskins rounds it out. Speaking of, his cartoon from the card back gets filed under the "things that should never happen" category...

1. Kudos to him for having the guts to pitch and 2. What kinda world was/is it where this is what we talk about on kids' bubble gum cards?

Lot #3 was a bigger one, mostly beaters but fun ones. There's a Clem Labine missing from the scans of these, because it's goin' to Night Owl, and because I've already posted my own '54 Labine way back when.

If I'm remembering correctly, Herm Wehmeier was Hank Aaron's least favorite pitcher to hit against. It's also Hank's birthday today, so happy birthday, Hank!

Oh yeah, one more from this beater lot...

'Sup, Harvey? Can anyone figure out who the card next to him on the sheet was, from the little bit of it that's on this miscut?

Last '54 lot to show you today, and it's a one-carder...

How do you do, Mr. Hodges? Told you guys there was more Gil coming. (There's also a '65 coming up in a trade post I need to get to.)


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