Saturday, February 25, 2012

The wall I see the most of... the one directly to the right of my computer.

Here's a guided tour done clockwise.  Mind the glare.

Top right: Pennzoni Display Company 30 capacity wall display case, freshly refilled after I took my '56 Topps Dodgers (save for one) out to put them in a binder. Top row: 56 Topps Sandy Koufax PSA 4, 54 Red Man Gil Hodges, 40 Play Ball Cookie Lavagetto, Sweet Spot Classic Roy Campanella pants relic, 48 Bowman Pete Reiser PSA 2. Second row: 95 Bowman Vladimir Guerrero Beckett 9 (totally obscured by the glare), Legendary Cuts Dale Murphy bat relic, 81 Fleer Mark Fidrych, 94 Yoohoo Jim Kaat, Pro Line Portraits Don Mattingly, 80 Topps Tom Veryzer (the last card I needed for my '80 set; interestingly, I finally found the duplicate of it that I wasn't sure existed when I put the '80 set in a binder). Third row: 12 Topps Retired Rings Mike Schmidt, 61 Post Hank Aaron, Fleer Legacy Vladimir Guerrero bat relic, 83 Topps Olympians Cassius Clay. Fourth row: dayf original "Derp" sketch card, 09 Obak Steve Dalkowski, 78 Boston Globe Tony Horton, 09 Goodwin Champions Rick Cerone autograph, 88 Salt Lake Trappers Bill Murray, 04 Brockton Rox Bill Murray PSA 10. Fifth row: 01 Sweet Spot Albert Belle, 05 Sweet Spot Classics Johnny Podres, 05 Sweet Spot Classics David Cone, 04 Sweet Spot Dontrelle Willis.

I like the case, but I might not keep it forever, as I have concerns about subjecting my cards to the elements and such. (Haven't had any problems with fading yet, but I don't want to tempt fate too much, so I rotate the cards in this regularly.) Thinking of replacing it with my signed "Casey At The Bat" poster once I get that framed. I need more wall space.

Bottom right: Jackie Robinson and Mickey Mantle Louisville Slugger youth bats.

Bottom left: My overpiled desk. In view are my Apple wireless keyboard and trackpad, a 400 count box that currently houses 2012 Topps Series 1, with the '87 mini set and my other inserts on top of it. You can barely see a big stack of '92-present Topps that need filing to the left of it. My keys are in front of it. Behind it to the left is a coin bank I got as a door prize at a local bank, and a big stack of stuff to read that I've been mostly neglecting for the past few months: the last 2 issues of 2600 Magazine, "Rubber Balls and Liquor" by Gilbert Gottfried, "Making Comics" by Scott McCloud, the Rolling Stone and Time Steve Jobs cover issues, the first 5 issues of Dodgem Logic and a Computer Music Beginners' Guide (I've been away from programming music for long enough that this isn't entirely false; also, there's a bunch of cool software included with these magazines).

Center left: framed Daily News cover, Monday, October 2nd, 1961. "MARIS' 61ST IN 163D Game", purchased 50 years to the day from the 61st HR in question. Yeah, I know it's off-kilter in the picture.

Top left: framed cover of No Cover magazine, Slayer cover story (my first and, to date, only cover story ever as a writer), 2003, signed by Tom Araya, Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman (Dave Lombardo snuck out of the afterparty early).


  1. Your display case looks like a fancier version of the one I built,

  2. Yours is pretty good! You should whip up instructions on how to make it.

  3. Fuji, deleted your comment by accident (Damn iPad!) but thank you!


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