Thursday, February 23, 2012

While we look at this awesome sketch card...

...received as part of a trade from card collecting's best-loved Brony, let's talk a little about how I've been pluggin' along on my collection, my trades with y'all and so forth way too fast to keep up with posting about it.

I end up scanning a lot more than you folks see me posting about. I'd love to write about it all, but between living a life or some semblance of it and my well-documented sleep issues, I don't get to everything. Working on that some, but it's still tough. I also still have a very uneasy relationship with "Looka whut I got!" posts (even when what I have is sometimes so awesome that it's impossible not to want to share it with people) when so many people are having such a hard time making ends meet. It shouldn't shock any of you to hear that I also do have a hard time, and that a lot of my card buying is part of a greater compulsion that I do struggle with from time to time, much as dayf has his own well-documented struggles...

...anyway, yeah, as you've seen just by the small sample size that I post, I do struggle at balancing a healthy, sane, responsible, fiscally sound existence with ZOMG CARDS. Workin' on it, though.

Back to the stuff we don't get to here. I could just bomb y'all out with unexplained scans of cards, as I've done at times, kinda Tumblr-style, and I probably will do that at times just to catch up on things a little. I started this site to write about cards, though, not just be a content farm for Google Images.

So, I'll probably just continue as I am, writing and posting when the muse strikes me. I don't want this to be "work", obviously, and it wouldn't be fun to read if it became "work".

This "mostly thinking out loud, but with ponies" post was brought to you by the large pile of cards in front of my computer.

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