Saturday, February 18, 2012

Yesterday's mail...

Spent a couple of bucks on this at the beginning of the week. Now, I know Rick's actually a pretty good TTM signer, but I really love the look of this card. Has there been a relic card of Rick? I'm running into some of that with guys I collect, very limited relic cards out there or none at all (I don't think Mike Norris has any, and the Topps Twitter person's probably tired of me asking them to put Mike in Archives).

Oh, and I got this.

It took MONTHS for one to show up on eBay after Chris Olds mentioned him being in this set and got my attention focused on getting a Bill Murray baseball card, but one finally did and I spent too much money (relatively speaking) on it. This is the "trade this card in and get a free card of someone who isn't Bill Murray" coupon card, one of three Murray cards in the '88 Salt Lake Trappers set (the other two are the one Chris featured in Beckett Monthly and one with Bill and Brian Doyle-Murray; I don't think there are any others besides those). Love the expression on his face on this card.


  1. Cool! I actually got that Goodwin Champ Signed by Cerone TTM. The non auto base card of course.

  2. That's a nice looking card.


  3. Do you read Baseball Card Bust? They had a Cerone post today you might find interesting. I had no idea he recorded an album when with the Yankees.

  4. I think I need to find that record.

    Also: why they gotta pick on my man Rick Cerone like that? He was a fine big league catcher for a lotta years. Bill James actually thinks he was all-time good (if not all-time great), and that's nothin' to sneeze at, but even if he didn't, Rick's one of my dudes. One of the first ballplayers I'd ever heard of being from Jersey.


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