Sunday, March 4, 2012

Definition Of Hunger Found In Card Show 50 Cent Box

To quote Frank Zappa, "Shit, you musta been hungry."


  1. Damn... something about cheap, vintage,and damaged cards. I just posted about my recent purchase of a card that had 2 giant tape stains on it.

    By the way... awesome Mossi. Every collection has to have a least one card of him. 1956 was a nice choice.

  2. Yeah, just read that. At one point, that same McCosky card (condition's different, but not great) was tied for my oldest card, too. Congrats on the find, the price was definitely right!

    I've got a few Mossis, my favorite (though this one's damn close) being the '62 he signed for me TTM. He went all ballpoint pen on that sucker! Awesome.

    Still need the '66, though, which is really the gold standard in Don Mossi cards.

  3. '56 Mossi for 50 cents?!?! I can't even comprehend that. I need to find an autographed Mossi card immediately. The man's one of my personal heroes.


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