Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Here, look at some cards you've already been looking at for a week!

Sucker for the '71 design, even with inaccurate fonts, and especially if the team didn't exist in '70-'71.

This scanned mighty well for a cloth sticker. Can't say the same for the 3D card I got, but that spared you all the indignity of Dustin Pedroia.

Yay, another card featuring a team that didn't exist in the first run of the design! Sucker for '80, too. Also: is it me, or does "Ben Zobrist" sound like an expert at doing something dirty?

MOAR '80

Yeah, be nice if they nailed the player name font, but '84s are pretty cool too.

Awwww, The Kid.

This Giants uniform variant looks awfully appropriate on an '84 design.

OK, you've seen some pretty pictures. What do I actually think of Archives? Well, the card stock's weak, which is what everyone thinks, but it's a fun little diversion. Need to give the checklist a look and see what I'm after (I know I want the Strawberry '80 base card, I obviously want the Harper since I have a Harper problem, and there are a ton of awesome, hopefully cheap autos), since I don't think I'd build a set of this.


  1. Like the look and love the checklist but haven't touched the cards yet, lemme know if the Lawrie is available :)

  2. Really interesting concept! The designs are surprisingly subtle yet still recognisable (for those that can) and yet don't look too strange with modern photos.


    Also, just have to say I enjoyed my Bip-ducation and hanging out. I'm bummed I didn't get out while you were here more but it was awkward timing as far as body fail goes. I am just NOW recovering from May. Blorgh.

    I'd like to see a scan of the checklist. I haven't seen any of those yet.

  3. Dunno if they did checklist cards for this year's Archives. Anyone?

    Also: a regularly-updated (they still don't seem to have all of the autographs listed) checklist of the set is here:

    Topps can be stingy about their insert information, so we kinda have to crowdsource that stuff sometimes.


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