Monday, May 28, 2012

I am alive!

Back from the West Coast, slowly updating my want list, and ideally, I'll start cranking out posts this week! In the meantime, here's a few pictures from my trip!

It was short-lived ("Bruce" overtook me today as Mayor), but for a brief moment in time, I was the Mayor of Sick's Stadium (home of the Seattle Pilots) on Foursquare!

Proof! (I'd love to accost the hooligans who left graffiti on the sign and ganked the Seattle Pilots logo from it, though!)

The view from my seat at Safeco Field.

The view from my seat at Oakland Coliseum.

The outside of Raley Field, home of the Sacramento River Cats. Didn't make it to a game, but I did drive by...

The Willie Mays statue at AT&T Park.

One angle of the view from my seat at AT&T Park.

The other angle, later in the evening.

The view from my seat at Angel Stadium.

Me "enjoying" a Dodger Dog from my seat at Dodger Stadium.

Me looking VERY SRS with Dan "Big Hair & Plastic Grass" Epstein at Dodger Stadium.

Yes, that is my name tag from The Price Is Right. No, I didn't make Contestant's Row, though I did get this solid green screen shot of myself playing Cliff Hanger...

(Don't tell the Price Is Right people I screenshotted the proof.)


  1. That looks like a most excellent road trip!

  2. Wow, amazing trip, am so jealous that you got to visit those four stadiums :)

  3. 5, plus the Sick's Stadium site, Raley Field and I saw LA Coliseum from a fairly close distance!

  4. That's a trip I'll have to take in retirement. But I'm skipping AT&T Park (or whatever they'll be calling it then). I won't be able to take being around all those Giants fans.

  5. It's just not right that there is a home improvement store where Sick's used to be. I do know that there is a display and marker in the store for home plate used to be. It is a cool thing to see.

  6. You missed out on Raley Field. Maybe the best stadium in the minors.

  7. Jeff: I've heard it's pretty awesome, but it just wasn't doable with the variables I was working with (and believe me, we looked into it). Next time I'm in Sacramento, I will definitely try to make it happen.


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