Friday, May 4, 2012


Even being a Yankee fan in exile as I am, this is one of the sadder nights I can remember in my time watching baseball. Mo might make it back, but this was never part of the plan for him, obviously. Most people had him figured for retiring at the end of this season. If he plays again, unless it's this season by some cosmic accident, that's not happening. He wanted to go home to his family and enjoy life, not prop up the Yanks for another year after this one, by most accounts. While I (and all of baseball, frankly) will miss him, and while I hope he makes a full and successful recovery from his injury, I strongly hope that he does stick to what were apparently his guns, doesn't get roped in by guilt that he's apparently feeling for letting his teammates down, and has a long and happy life after baseball. He's more than earned it, and  even on the days where other teams got to him, he's never let any of us down, be it his team, his team's fans or anyone who watches baseball. As I said earlier tonight on Twitter, "Thank you, Mariano."

I've been kinda sitting on these for a while, as I got them during a period of time when I was posting very much, and I was holding off for the right moment to post, too. (I didn't want him getting any more inundated with TTM requests in camp than usual, as people have had years to hit him up, and there was a lot of talk of this being their last shot already.) I wish I had a happier occasion to post 'em on, but we'll play the hand we were dealt.

Anyway, I wrote to Mo right before he got to camp, thanking him for everything he's done on and off the field and asking for an autograph. One autograph. I sent 2 cards down to him, and expressly asked him to sign the 2nd card and give it to a kid in camp, but he might've just had the clubby take the cards out of the letters so he could sign and return 'em without looking at 'em too closely, or he might've wanted me to give the 2nd card to a kid myself. Either way, a guy who gets something like $300 for an autograph via Steiner signed 2 cards for a schlub like me without getting anything in return, and almost immediately upon arriving in camp, judging by the postmark.

So, I'd say it's on me to get that 2nd autograph (the grey one's the one I'm giving away) out to a kid somewhere. Least I could do for a guy who hooked me up like this, not to mention how much joy he gave me as a baseball fan.

Here's how we're going to do it (yep, it's contest time again): during the 2012 baseball regular season, post a comment here, ideally with a picture of the kid who you want to get the card, and an honest story about how much the kid likes Mariano Rivera. Hell, if you want to make it even better, have the kid hand-write a story about how he likes Mariano Rivera, scan it and post it here. If they wanna draw Mo, that's cool too. The more honest and thorough information we have on what a Rivera fan the youngster is, the better. If you can't figure out how to post images to comments, email me with the picture(s) and I'll help you out.

Let's have the cutoff age on the kid be roughly 12 (so, any kid with a birthdate in or after 2000 is eligible). Any older, and they're essentially an adult in baseball card collector years. We're going on the honor system for all of this, by the way, but if you cheat or make something up, it's gonna look really scummy on you, so don't. Also: please d
on't force your kids to do all this stuff in order to get an auto, as it'll be really obvious if you do, especially to a crowd of people who've seen all manner of shenanigans like a bunch of card collectors. 

At the end of the regular season (last Yankee game is October 3rd, 2012), we'll take all the entries, make a big ol' poll, and my followers (best way to keep the ballot-stuffing to a minimum) will decide which one they think should get the card, purely on merit.

Sound good? Cool.

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  1. Kinds words a nice gesture with the contest, Scott.


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