Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hey, a Ringside!

Been a while!

Thanks to Stubby for sending this one my way, he had it in his spare Ringsides. It's a weird world, when both I and a regular trading partner end up with "spare" 1951 Topps Ringsides from time to time.

Not a lot out there on our pal Eddie Compo here. It looks like most of the information Wikipedia has on him came straight from the back of this card, and they even link to the card in his entry. Retired at 28, had one especially noteworthy fight against Willie Pep in '49, lived a relatively long life post-boxing.

Kelly wanted to see a back scan (which I'm frequently too lazy to make/post), so here, Kelly!


  1. Do you scan the backs? I'd be interested in that. Oh I'm sure there's a web search that could show me. Don't wanna do that either. : P

    This is a neat card though.

    When did cards start becoming a product on their own as opposed to an extra with somethig else?

  2. Book you might wanna pick up if this subject interests you, as it'd answer a lot of your questions: Mint Condition by Dave Jamieson ( I found it to be a little bit on the "Hey, I already knew that!" side, but for someone who isn't quite as immersed in the hobby as I am and has a ton of questions, I think it'd be a pretty solid resource and a quick read to boot.

    Adding a back scan shortly...


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